His Arms Are Open Chapter 2

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier. I had tests at school and didn’t have time to write it…hope you enjoy.
Chapter 2
Ariana sat on her bedroom floor, her brother’s cries echoing in her ears. What was she thinking, going to the ice-cream parlor when she was suppose to be watching her brothers and Shandy-
“Shandy…Shandy!” Ariana shouted jumping up from her sitting position on the floor. “Shandy!”
Ariana ran down the stairs and into the living room where Alvin sat sadly.
“Where is Shandy?” she asked frantically.
“I don’t know, didn’t she follow us home?” Alvin said sitting up in his chair. “Let me check-” Ariana said walking towards the front door. “Shandy! Shandy!” she shouted running around the front lawn.
“She’s not here!” Ariana said coming back into the house.
“Where can she be?” Alvin said standing. All this commotion drew the attention of there mother, “What’s the matter?”
“We can’t find Shandy…she can be anywhere!”Ariana said sitting on the sofa and holding her head, she had gotten an instant headache.
“Didn’t she follow you guys home?” Mrs. Morris asked.
“No, I hope she’s OK.” Alvin said beginning to pace the floor.
“Alvin come with me, we’ll go find her.” Ariana said grabbing her coat and heading out the door, Alvin at her heels.
After 30 minutes of searching, they still couldn’t find Shandy and they began to get even more worried.
“Ugh! Where is that dog?” Alvin shouted as he walked up and down the dog park. Suddenly they heard a bark and saw a dog running towards them, “Shandy!” Ariana and Alvina said in unison. Ariana  knelt down to hug Shandy around the neck, whiles Alvin rubbed her head. “Don’t every do that again, Shandy! You had me worried!” Ariana said to Shandy. “It’s not like she can understand you.” Alvin said rolling his eyes, “Come on. it’s getting late.”
Ariana grabbed Shandy’s leash and Alvin’s hand, “You’re right…let’s go.”
When Ariana and Alvin got home they where greeted by there father who had just a few minutes ago gotten home and was coming to help them search for Shandy,”You found her.” He said patting Shandy on the head, “Well, come inside, it’s cold out here!”
“Yes father.” Ariana and Alvin said together. Alvin ran inside and went to check on Aaron, whiles Ariana headed upstairs to do her home work. She had school tomorrow and she didn’t want to have an overdue assignment, again.
…………………………………………………….Hilary’s Perspective……………………………………………………….
Hilary put down her pencil and took up her cell phone. It was 9:30 pm and she had not been able to think about anything except Aaron’s accident. Finally she got the courage to text Ariana.
Hilary123: Hey…
Ana321: Hismiley
Hilary123: How is Aaron?
Ana321: he’s OK, he is still crying a bit but he is feeling a lot betterlol
Hilary123: Good, was starting to worry.
Ana321: Well, i can’t talk now… i got homework to do…See you tomorrow!cool
Hillary123: Bye!
Hilary put her phone down and got back to doing her own homework. She hoped Ariana had forgave her for encouraging her to go to the ice-cream parlor. Hilary kinda thought it was her fault. If she hadn’t insisted that they go to the ice-cream parlor, then this would have never happened. But that had passed and new problems laid ahead. Tomorrow was school; Hilary’s least favorite place…
 (The end of another chapter…i hope you enjoyed it.
Tell me if there are any spelling errors or anything…any ideas on what could happen in the next chapter?  Look out for chapter 3.lol)

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His Arms Are Open Chapter 2

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