His Arms Are Open (Chapter 11) FINALLY…

Chapter 11

OK guys, I know it’s been long, but I FINALLY had time to write the next chapter. I advise that you skim through the previous chapter before reading this one, just to refresh you brain on what has happened. Also, like I said I am bringing back some of the characters that I had forgotten/ hadn’t written about in along time, so don’t be surprised to hear some unfamiliar/new names. In the beginning, Ariana had 3 siblings: Alvin, Aaron and a 19 month old little sister, whom I’ve given the name Ariel. I hope you guys like it!
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!)

Ariana stretched over in bed and reached over to grab her phone which was alarming loudly. After fiddling around trying to put in her password to unlock her phone, and successfully turning off the annoying alarm, Ariana stretched. It was 6:30 am, the time where her grandparents would get up and do some work in the barn and garden before having breakfast.  “Hilary, time to get up-”
Ariana looked over at Hilary’s side of the room, to find her bed neatly made and her PJs hanging off the side of it.
‘She must be up already…” Ariana thought to herself, dragging herself out from under the cozy blanket her grandmother had quilted which were only used during the winter time. She quickly hanged her clothes from her PJs into her jeans and a pink long sleeve sweater, along with her sneakers. She intended to work hard this morning.
As Ariana raced down stairs, she meet up with her dad, who was heading back up the stairs to the room he shared with his wife.
“Good morning dad!” Ariana said smiling broadly.
“Well, don’t you sound chirpy this morning.” Mr. Morris said giving Ariana a kiss on the forehead.
“Is everyone up already?”
“Everyone except Aaron, Alvin and Ariel…you know our family is a bunch of late birds. I’m surprised you’re up already.”
Ariana giggled, “I thought I’d help Grandpa Jake and Grandma Fiona work this morning. Have they started yet?”
Mr. Morris continued up the stairs as he began to hear wailing coming from their bedroom.
“Well, Ariel seems to be up…No, your grandparents and the Brewsters are having family worship. But the will be done soon.”
Ariana nodded and continued down the stairs to find her mother making tea in the kitchen. Mrs. Morris looked up and smiled.
“Good morning Ariana. How was your night?”
Ariana took a seat at the head of the table,
“It was great. Those blankets that Grandma quilted a long time ago are still very comfortable and in tac.”
At the sound of her voice, Shandy, who was in the corner of the kitchen napping, jumped up and ran to Ariana’s side. She placed her paws on Ariana’s lap, looking for attention.
“Hey Shandy! I didn’t even see you there!” Ariana said petting Shandy on her head and rubbing her under her chin. Shandy’s tongue hung out as she panted, glad for the attention.
‘Mom, when did Grandma Fiona and Grandpa Jake start hanging family worship?”
Mrs. Morris took a sip of her tea and took a seat at the table before answering.
“Remember a year ago, your grandparents got baptized at a crusade they attended, that their neighbors had invited them to? They became Seventh-Day Adventist…”
Ariana had totally forgotten that her grandparents and Hillary’s family were now of the same religion. It was all coming together now.
“Well, as a part of their new lifestyle, your grandparents found it necessary to start their day by having worship together, before getting into the day’s work.”
Ariana understood now. She looked down at Shandy, who had now placed her head on Ariana’s lap and was napping again.
‘That doesn’t sound like a bad idea…I mean., if you believe in a God that cares and provides for you, they of course you would want to spend time with him…even though you can’t see him…’
Soon after, Alvin and Aaron entered the kitchen, Mr. Morris right behind them, holding Ariel in his arms. Mrs. Morris walked over to him and kissed Ariel on her forehead.
“Mummy…” Ariel said giggling, her black curls bouncing. Ariel was only 19 months old, but had a very distinct personality. Ariana smiled at her family as everyone began to interact with each other.
“Good morning, Mom.” Alvin said walking over to say good morning to Shandy who had awoken at the sound of everyone entering the kitchen. Aaron sat at the table, next to Ariana.
“What’s for breakfast?” He asked rubbing his stomach. Ariana laughed.
“Don’t you want yo help Grandpa Jake and Grandma Fiona outside before you eat?”
Aaron smirked, “Yeah, but why can’t we do that after we eat…I’m starving!”
“After all that you ate last night? I thought you were gonna burst.” Mrs. Morris said, Ariel now in her arms; Mr. Morris was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Aaron frowned.
“I eat like a growing boy, is that a problem?” He asked innocently. Alvin rose up from petting Shandy, “I’m older, and taller than you, and I didn’t eat as much as you.”
Aaron turned to face Alvin, “You’re also, pretty slim…almost skinny.”
Mr. Morris looked up from his newspaper and laughed slightly, “OK, boys, that’s enough.”
Alvin took a seat next to Aaron and placed his head on the table, “Where are Grandma, Grandpa and Benjamin?”
“Having family worship with the Brewsters… They should soon be finished.”
As soon as the words exited Mrs. Morris’ lips, Grandma Fiona entered the room, dressed in her long sleeve yellow shirt and green long pants. She smiled.
“Hello, family.”
“Hi mother,” Mr. Morris said rising up from the table, “You guys are finished worship?”
Grandma Fiona nodded as she reached for her gloves, which were handing on the wall, “Yes, and your father and I could use some help in the garden and in the barn.”
“I’ll help Grandma.” Aaron said jumping from his seat. Ariana frowned jokingly. “I thought you wanted to eat first…” She said.
Aaron looked up at her and shrugged, “If I get to help out with the horses, I may be able to hold out until breakfast.”

As soon as everyone was dresses in their outside gear, which included gloves and boots, Ariana, Hilary, Hal, Aaron, Alvin and Hadassa were outside getting instructions on what they could do to help. The boys went to help Grandpa Jake and Benjamin in the barn, whiles the girls helped Grandma Fiona in the garden. With all the helping hands, the work didn’t seem like much, and it went along fast.
Ariana renewed her milking skills, and was even able to teach Hilary and Hadassa how to do it. When the girls were done, Grandma Fiona went into the house to help with breakfast, and sent the girls to go help the boys in the barn, as their work was harder and took more time.
“More hands make the lode light…” Grandma Fiona had said, and so the girls were on their way. As they approached the barn, they heard laughter and hurried on inside. Alvin and Aaron had just finished feeding the last horse and Benjamin and Hal were grooming the last horse. Grandpa Jake was coming through the back door, and by the looks and smell of it, he had just finished cleaning out the stalls.
“Looks like they’re about done.” Ariana said examining the barn.
“Yup…let’s go commend them on their job well done.” Hilary said laughing. Ariana giggled as the two went over to Benjamin and Hal, whiles Hadassa went to join the two younger boys, who had began to through hay at each other.
“You’ve been working hard.” Hilary said watching the boys outside of the stall. Ariana hung her hands over the side.
Hal looked around and smiled, “Yup…you know, this thing is a lot harder than I expected.”
“If you do this every morning, I guess you’ll soon have muscles like Benjamin.” Ariana said snickering. Hilary giggled as the two boys turned red, remembering the events of the day before.
Soon after, Grandpa Jake expressed his gratitude to the boys for helping him that morning, and invited them to join him again tomorrow morning.
“Sure thing Grandpa!” Alvin said, his arm draped around Aaron’s shoulder.
“Yeah, it was hard work, but we had fun.” Aaron added. Hal nodded and agreed to return tomorrow.
As the group exited the barn they smelt the delicious scent of blueberry pancakes.
“Last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg!” Grandpa shouted, running towards the house. The others took off in speed, Aaron and Alvin passing their grandfather, and the others close behind. Soon, Benjamin and Hal had passed Grandpa Jake also and they all finally made it to the house. The length from the barn to the house, was longer than it seemed and they all stopped to catch a breath of air by the kitchen door. Ariana and Hilary arrived last, laughing.
Hilary looked at Ariana, still laughing and gasping for air, “I guess we’re- both- rotten eggs!”
As everyone sat down to eat, Ms. Brewster blessed the meal,
“Lord, we thank you for this food, which you have provided for us to eat. Thank you for the people we are privileged to share it with. Please bless it, and may it do our bodies good. In Jesus name, Amen.”
“Amen.” Everyone said in unison. Aaron’s ‘amen’ was heard the loudest as he dug into the plate of pancakes in front of him. Everyone laughed but Alvin frowned and shook his head.
“Aaron, you’re embarrassing…why did we have to be a twin…”
Aaron looked at Alvin and smiled, “You know you can’t live without me.”
Everyone ate and talked, excited about what the day held for each of them, especially the children. They planned for all sorts of activities, including shopping, horse back riding, fishing and cooking Christmas cookies, even though it was 10 days till Christmas. Today, December 15, the Christmas spirit was in the air.

Sorry it wasn’t alot but Iv’e been really busy. But I promised myself I would give you guys another chapter…smiley So, how was it? Was it good enough? Comment below, and thumbs up if you liked it. Next chapter is coming soon. (I hoperollwink)

loveloveidealovelove ‘Till next time!

ps. tell me if there are any spelling errors!redlol

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His Arms Are Open (Chapter 11) FINALLY…

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