hi i’m jadyn but u can call me jade if u want. I’m from canada my hobbies are singing,camping,swimming,walking and going to church. i have 2 pet fish,and a black and white rabbit named Thumper. i love watching movies, most of all i love TALKING. and there’s 1 more thing i have a diagnosis called Aspergers its when your not really social at all and if possible your as smart as Sherlock Holmes but i don’t have THAT part and your hearing is sensitive. anyways i got diagnosed when i was about 3. after when i got diagnosed we went to Mcdonalds my mom sat in the car and criedsad. In kindergarten i got into school when i was 3 almost 4 and then got held back 3 times because i didn’t pay attention to anything i didn’t do any of the fun stuff like asemblys. but lets foward all that sad stuff and get to why i’m talking right now when i was about 6 i think, i started to get friendly then i got less sensitive to noise and in our family we have 18 pets i’m NOT kidding now i’m 11 years old and i’m just like any normal kidlol. and i am so thankful that i’m just happy and not like i thought i was going to be.

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