Here is the sequel to my story The Peasant

Here is the sequel to my story The Peasant
The Strong One
Sara tiptoed into the stable, careful not to wake the stable boy in the loft above, making her way to the last stall. Lightning, her favorite black mare, stretched her neck over the gate to playfully knock her head into her young mistress. Not long ago the antic would have made Sara laugh, now only the smallest trace of a smile touched her lips.
“Cut that out you silly girl, I haven’t time for your games this morning.” She reached towards the hook holding the mare’s bridle when a voice came out of the darkness,
“And why not?”
Sara froze, her hand still outstretched, then sighed and turned slowly. “Sana, what are you doing here?”
As soon as she had spoken her younger sister, Laseana, came out of the shadows. “I heard you leaving, I was worried.”
“Sana, I go on early rides all the time, you know that.”
“Yes and I also know you don’t usually take your clothes and jewels with you. You’re leaving, aren’t you?” Laseana’s voice quivered on the last few words and a tear glittered in the corner of her eye.
Sara sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, one hand to her forehead in frustration, this was exactly what she’d been trying to avoid. “Sana I’m sorry, but I have to go, I have no choice.”
“Of course you do Sara! You always have a choice!” Her voice raised several notches and Sara put a finger to her lips, “Shh! Do you want to wake Peter?” she motioned to the loft above their heads.
Her sister sighed heavily but lowered her voice, “Sara why do you have to do this?”
“Because I am sick of this life and I am sick of this family. I can’t spend another day as a part of this mockery.” With that she took Lightning’s bridle from its hook and pulled it over her nose then went to the back of the building for the saddle, careful not to allow any of the buckles to jingle.
“Oh come now Sara, its not so bad.”
Sara laughed harshly, “Come now Sana, you can’t really be telling me you enjoy having mother control every aspect of your life.”
Lisa’s eyes watered and she bit her lip, “No, but its still home, and at least its safe here. Where will you even go?”
Sara shrugged and sighed, “I’m not sure, east I suppose.”
A knowing look passed over Lisa’s face and she gave a troubled sigh, “This is about Alex isn’t? Sara, just accept it he’s either dead or abandoned you.”
“How could you say such at thing? You’re my sister, I thought you were the one person who understood me. You were the one that told me not to give up hope.”
“That was over a year ago Sara, sometimes you have to accept reality.”
“Fine, then accept this reality, I’m leaving.” Sara turned back toward her horse, unable to face the hurt look she knew would be on her younger sisters face. After a few final adjustments she led the mare from her stall. Laseana was leaning with her elbows on the stall’s half wall, her head leaning into her right palm.
Sara was tempted to walk on past her but she knew she couldn’t do that to her sister. She turned back to Lisa and gently pulled her upright and into her embrace. The younger girl melted into her arms at once, burying her head against Sara’s chest.
“I’m sorry Sana, but this is something I have to do.” She planted a kiss on her sister’s silky hair, “I love you Sana.” With that she released Lisa and went back to her horse, leading her quietly from the stall without looking back. Once out of the stable she looked all about, making sure she was alone on the palace grounds. She walked Lightning to the edge of the forest then leapt astride.
Sara turned back, giving her childhood home one final look, before spurring on her horse.

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Here is the sequel to my story The Peasant

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