Gospel Times – Chapter 1 – The Start of the Term – And School Life

Maiye sat down on the bench behind her, waiting for the bus to arrive. She worried about who would be in her class this term. Hopefully no new students would come, she thought. The last time that happened, they ‘stole’ her best friend Chloe away from her. I wish Sophia hadn’t come, Maiye mused. But then, the screech of the bus stopped her thoughts and she walked up the stairs, thinking about designing a new picture for her painting album in her room…
                                  *                                             *                                            *
Chloe waited at her locker for Maiye. She realized that this morning, when Maiye got on the bus, she didn’t sit beside her as usual. She sat beside the new girl, who was in their class, what was her name? oh, Rayla. Maiye didn’t , prefer, Rayla over her, did she? Oh there she is, Chloe thought as she saw Maiye and Rayla . But they didn’t go her way. They stopped at the opposite lockers to Chloe, giggling and whispering as they took out their books for the next class.
Chloe: Hey, Maiye!
 Maiye turned around and saw Chloe. She smiled.
Maiye : Hey Chloe. Oh, this is –
 Chloe: I know. Rayla.
Rayna: Uhmm, it’s Rayna.
Chloe : Oh. I’m sorry-
Rayna: Let’s go, Maiye. We’ll be late for Science.
Chloe : Oh, I have Science too. Let’s go-
But Maiye and Rayna had already walked around the corner to the classroom
Chloe : – together. Well, Maiye’s making friends. Let me make some too.
She spotted Sophia a few lockers away, chatting with some other girls. She walked up to them.
Chloe : Hey Sophia.
Sophia: Hey Chloe! What’s up?
Chloe : No friends, for one.
Sophia: Well, you can always join us. We consider ourselves the prettiest, smartest, coolest girls in our class.
Chloe : Sure. Any specific things to make sure I do?
Sophia: Yeah, uhmmm. Oh! Never embarrss yourself, or else we don’t speak to you for a week. By the way, this is Katie, Alliah and Rianna.
Chloe : Hey guys.
Rianna: Hey.
Alliah: Hi!
Katie : Hey
Sophia: We are polite, perfect and kinda manipulative, but we are nice to some people. Like the ones who respect us.
Chloe : Sounds pretty Sophia-y to me. Get it?
Sophia: And no cliche’ stuff. Got it?
Chloe : Oops, got it.
Sophia: We’re meeting at the mall at 4 after school. Join us?
Chloe : Sure! See you later. What do you have next?
Sophia: English
Rianna: Math
Katie : History
Alliah: French
 Chloe: Okay, see you at lunch.
Sophia. ‘Kay. Bye girls.
All : Bye.

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Gospel Times – Chapter 1 – The Start of the Term – And School Life

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