“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 6

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“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 6               People have creativity ya know!!!
3rd of January 2013 
Say with a….. nice….. please….. to have privacy….never listen to me…..Mrs. Drenkelly………  
     When we were doing poems in class, I was being a little idiomatic* with my poems; here is a predicted rough draft that I wrote:
                                                                                     If I
If I eat a shoe
I’ll Turn Blue
If I fall in a pit
then I’ll get a zit
If I lie
                                                                             then I will die
     That was predicted what I wrote; so when I returned it, she HATED it and gave it a D for it. So I bellowed**  as loud as I can,” WHY DO YOU HATE EVERYTHING I DO, THAT IS MY CREATIVITY, AND I ASK YOU TO PLEASE RESPECT IT BUT YOU NEVER LIKE IT, WHY MRS. DRENKELLY????????? WHY?????????”. She just looked at me like if I was an idiot. i Just can’t understand her. After I wrote 10 creative poems that ended up in the trash, it was 3:40. That time that I was doing those poems was 12:50- 3:35! 
Have you heard of a teacher picking on a student? Well, that’s in the next episode!
Season 2 might begin in the 18th of January 2013
The Grand Finale might be in 27th of February 2014!
There are 5 seasons to this!
*Meaning with allot of idioms
** meaning yelling really loud; would go good with similes 

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“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 6

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