“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 5

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“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 5                            Privacy, Please?!?!
2nd of January 2013                 Happy New Years!    
Jenee called me…. bad name….. My mother nice to Jenee….. HER Mother help financially…….
     When I was making a letter similar to the one in Season 2, Episode 3 (you will see O_O), when I was FINISHED with my work, Mrs. Drenkelly snatched it away, and then I said,”What are you doing? GIVE IT BACK!!!!!*** IT’S PRIVATE!!!!!!!” But she said”, If there’s anything private, leave it home”. ****But, you just had to take it away and I said to return it nicely and with a please, but you said that nobody has privacy in the school and to leave it home. Then explain Facebook! Why do you leave your computer nearly closed? YOU WANTED PRIVACY SO THAT NOBODY CAN SEE WHAT YOU WERE DOING OR LOOKING AT! So why don’t you leave your Facebook home, or whatever… THING….*** i just couldn’t stand it, I just couldn’t!
Coming Tommorow………..
**** Part of the note mentioned in Season 2, Episode 3 (the whole Episode will be the note)
*** That is what I said after I said it nicely to her with a please

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“Goodbye!” Season 1, Episode 5

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