"Goodbye!" Season 1, Episode 2

The Daily Christian Article  Based on a true story
“Goodbye!”  Season 1, Episode 2                              *ABUSEMENT ISN’T NICE
15th of December 2012,  Sabbath
Mrs. Drenkelly made me do all 85 questions over again, and I surely didn’t agree with
Then she ABUSED me. How, might I ask? Well, she made me write the dictionary A-Z standing up for at least an hour. Between you and me, this her “not get in trouble system”:  When parents are there, she acts all like an angel, no accused person. BUT, when all the parents, the devil fills her soul. She might say she is a nice old woman, well, SHES WRONG. In that time I couldn’t take it anymore. I prayed for her every night with tears filling my eyes, but I know God will never let go of me. Another thing that she does mean, not to me, but to my BROTHER! In that day, my brother told me this story that IS TRUE:

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"Goodbye!" Season 1, Episode 2

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