God’s Gift Ch.2



Chapter 2






woke up early next morning at 5:30 in the morning. Not because I wanted too.
But because there was an announcement at school and all of the students had to
be there by 7:25. I woke up at 5:30 because we live an hour away from my
school. Plus I had to unpack and then I had to set up my classroom and feed the
class hamster, Guinea pig, (I know right, I was like seriously, guinea pig)
because it was my week to do set up, clean up, and feed.



I finished feeding Guinea pig and setting up the classroom it was about 7:20.
So I decided I would go to the school auditorium about then. Our school is big
so it took me about 4 minutes to get to the auditorium, so by the time I got
there all the chairs were full and I had to stand for the announcement.



were all waiting when the lights dimmed and we saw Mrs. Rose the music teacher.
“Hello Elkin Elementary Christian School” she said sing-song voice. She always
sounds like she was singing when she wasn’t. “The reason I brought you here”
she continued “Is because of our annual school play”. Every year she has this
play or musical that she directs. It always turns out to be amazing but she
always says “Last year wasn’t our best year let’s make this year the best.” I
don’t get that because she always blows people’s minds with the musical. Like
one year she had the school cut a hole in the roof so that a rocket (that held
real people) could go up to match with the theme of our play. Then she said
what she always says “that wasn’t our best year” so anyway back to the announcement.
“This year the musical is like the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Little Mermaid just with a
little twist on it. Before you can audition for a part everyone needs to
audition for a solo. We will hold auditions at eight o’clock today. Everybody
needs to come to these auditions and try their best. Thank you everybody, you
are dismissed”. And with a flick of her hand she dismissed us all.



had a few problems with this announcement. Ok, maybe only one problem, but it
was still a major problem. I had to sing in front of everybody for my
auditions. And I am a very shy person. I sometimes won’t even sing in front of
my parents. I was heading to my locker when Amelia said in a haughty voice “I
heard about auditions, hope you can make it through”. Ugh, these fourth graders
and their jokes. But then she whispered to me “Come to the playground at exactly
7:45.” “But that’s in 2 minutes” I reminded her. “I know how to tell time
Jenna” she told me and flipped her dark flat ironed hair and walked away.



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God’s Gift Ch.2

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