Get Back on the Saddle


Last post, I talked about learning to take care of a horse and teaching
your horse to respect you. The horse needs to know you’re in command. You
don’t have to be mean but you do have to be firm. Once the horse respects
you, you can ride it and trust it to do what you ask it do. That is the
core of the

Horsemanship Honor

. And just like riding a bike or learning to swim, you won’t master it in a
day. You may fall off from time to time, but that’s what helmets are for.
My horse expert, AKA Mrs. Holbrook, says if you do fall off, that you need
get back on your horse. The journey has just begun toward mastering riding!

I love my Bible, it’s kind of like my helmet for life. Sure I’m going to
fall occasionally, but when I have that helmet on, I can get back up, dust
myself off, and keeping riding.

If you’re going to camp this summer, see if your camp has a Horsemanship
program. Check out the Horsemanship Honor

Photo by Karen Gilman

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Get Back on the Saddle

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