Fruits of the Spirit

You probably don’t want to eat a black banana, seeing how horrible it would taste.

You probably try to imagine what Heaven is like.

In heaven, nothing will ever die. No pain, no death, no bullies, everything perfect.

A black banana on the other hand…it would be time to let the ground eat it instead of you.

But do you remember that Guide story where Mom made a very delicious banana pudding out of a blackening banana?

Think: do you think God would want sinners to burn is hell? Probably no. Would you want a loved one to be saved before dying? I think you would answer yes.

Do you want to be the person to convert that loved one? If yes, you should do it right now.

You can go back to eating that banana now.

(Sorry for the cover image, there are no bananas in my house right now)

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Fruits of the Spirit

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