Okay guys, I’m going to see how you like this story… if it comes of good, I’ll post more… If not, I’ll find something else. Here goes…
                                                                               CHAPTER ONE
Hot sun.
Scratchy cotton.
That is all I know. I stop for just a minute to wipe my forehead. A bird flies by. Fly bird, I think. Fly away, far away. Go find my brother and give him back to me. I wish this on every bird, every day, everywhere. It is the only thing that helps me, soothes me. It gives me courage that one day, me and my people, will all be free.
This is not who you were meant to be, my parents say. You are more than property. You belong in Canada. Yet for as long as I can remember, I have been a slave. I know nothing more than this. Sometimes I lie awake at night, wondering what it would be like. but I can’t wrap my mind around it. I guess it’s like my Gramma always said. “It goin’ ta be jus’ like Jubilee.”
I bring my mind back to the present. I am almost done with my row of cotton. I feel relief, even though I still have many more to go. It’s a speck of water in a lake, but it’s still progress.
My mind wanders again, and so do my hands. Next thing I know, the overseer’s in my face yellin’ words I can’t repeat.
“What do you think you’re doin’, girl? You left at least ten balls of cotton on that last row!” I flinch and play dumb.
“Speak up!” My mind races. “Jus’ got ‘stracted, sir.” I mumble.
Wrong move.
Now he’s going ballistic, flailing, and shoving me around. I got to think fast, or else I’m in real hot water. I see him reaching for his whip. And then…
“Mr. Jefferson! I brought you your lunch!”
He whirls around. Ellie, the masters daughter is standing as sweet as can be with a parcel in her hands. Her eyes widen at me, then she narrows them and flicks them away, indicating for me to move on. I am stunned. Is she trying to help me?. As I slink away, I overhear part of  their conversation. “Ellie! why didn’t you send one of the slaves with you? It’s a far walk out here.” she laughs, tosses her head. “It’s too stuffy in there! Besides, I like the sunshine!” He shakes his head. “Always the tomboy…” he mutters, and digs into his lunch.

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  1. Ellie came just in time with the master’s lunch to save him from being in trouble. It gave me an idea of what they went through in the cotton fields.

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