Exerpts for stories after I finish Mimi’s

Alrighty, guys, I’m back, but this time I’m posting snatches of story’s I might write in the future. I’m going to have you all vote (i.e. In the comments below) which ones you like best. The first one to get five comments wins. Okay let’s gooooo ——–>
Story #1: Kathleen trudged slowly up the sidewalk, kicking the stones ahead of her. In a way, she felt like those stone; battered around, never knowing where you would be going next. The birds and animals acted so happy. The sun was shining, and it was a very beautiful day, but that was ruined by everything else. She knew she couldn’t hide the truth from Bree much longer; several times she had to lie about the cuts and bruises that were all over her body. She sighed. Everybody tells me God is like a father! If God is like my father, I hate him!
Story #2: Rachel slowly edged her way across the side of the house. She had to warn Benjamin! The Nazis could be there any minute! Looking for a handhold, she inched her way up to their bedroom window. “Benjamin!” she hissed. “The door is locked, and the Nazis are coming! Hurry, get out -” She stopped short. Two Nazi soldiers stared back at her. She was so surprised and frightened that she lost her grip on the windowsill. She flailed helplessly for a handhold, but to no avail. She hit the ground. She heard the Nazis shouting and moving toward the door. But her only thought was Where is Benjamin? where is my brother?
Story #3: Ana crept silently around the house. She knew that it wasn’t a safe house, but she was desperate for shelter.  Suddenly the door opened. Ana jumped back and quickly wheeled and ran. Did they see me? Am I caught? she thought as she frantically dashed back into the woods. When she heard footsteps, she resigned herself to defeat. This is it. I’ll be dragged back to the slave plantation and probably be sold farther South. God, why is this happening? Suddenly she heard a voice. “Do you need help? who are you?”
Okay, that’s all for now! In the comments below I’ll say story#1 and see how many likes that gets. Then I’ll do the same for story 2,and 3.  (PS, I’m not ending on the mimi stories. I’m just trying to figure out what to write afterwards. By the way, if you have any ideas for a name for the Mimi series, let me know!)wink

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Exerpts for stories after I finish Mimi’s

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