Excerpt #2

Hi everyone! Thanks for the feedback on the last excerpt I posted. I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many people commented. So I’m giving you a second excerpt.
 Last time: Imani’s
lungs burned as she zigzagged through the trees, to make it harder for the dogs
to track her. Up ahead, she caught sight of a bubbling stream. 

“Good. That will cover up my scent so the dogs won’t find
me.” She plunged into cold water. Imani clambered to shore further downstream.
Imani walked on, ignoring the thistles that stung her legs and pierced her bare
feet. Now that she didn’t have to worry about the dogs, she felt desolate. She
had no clue where she was, and she didn’t know whether or not her friends were
captured. There was nothing to do but plod on. By the time it was dawn, her
legs were weary, and she could hardly keep her eyes open. Spotting an abandoned
barn, Imani stumbled in, crawled into the loft and, within a few moments, was
fast asleep.

Meanwhile, Mary-Lou and Clark had reached the cabin. Clark
was about to knock when Mary-Lou asked, “Wait, where’s Imani?”  “I dunno. I thought she was right behind us.”
Clark said, scanning the area. “We should go back and look for her!” Mary-Lou
said worriedly. “No. It’s too dangerous. Plus, what if she comes here looking
for us, but we’re not here. It’s best to wait here.” With that, Clark knocked
on the door. “Who’s there?” a voice asked. “Umm…” Clark stuttered wiping his
sweaty palms on his trousers. “A friend of a friend sent us.” Mary-Lou piped
up. “Oh, well then, come on in.” an old man said opening the door. “Wife, we
have a box of hardware and a parcel of dried goods. Please make sure the
storage area is prepared.” The old man said, opening the door. “Alright.” a
voice called out. Clark and Mary-Lou exchanged quizzical looks as the man led
them into the kitchen. Seeing their faces, the man chuckled. “That’s Underground
Railroad code for one boy and one girl.” “Oh. But our friend is still out in
the woods if she wasn’t captured.” Mary-Lou said. ” What’s that.” The man
started in shock. Clark quickly explained. “Uh oh. Let’s get you to the secret
chamber quickly. The slave catchers might be here any minute.” He opened the
pantry door, pulled a camouflaged latch and, suddenly another door silently
swung open. “Come on.” He said, motioning to the door. It led them through a
narrow tunnel and into a small room. “Stay here until I get back,” he said,
giving them a candle. They stayed still, hardly daring to breathe. They heard
voices and feet stomping around the house. Finally, footsteps echoed up the
small tunnel. Clark and Mary-Lou stiffened. But it was just their host bringing
a tray laden with food. “Well thank God they’re gone. You will have to wait
till nightfall to leave because they’ll be searching.” He passed them bowls of
steaming oatmeal and slices of bread with cheese. “Sorry, this is all I have
for now. God willing tomorrow my wife will go to the market,” the man grunted.
Mary-Lou and Clark ate hungrily. This food tasted even better than the food on the
compound. “Thank you, sir. How can we express our gratitude?” Clark asked. ”
Oh, no need. This is my calling. I live to help folks such as you escape. I
feel a sense of accomplishment by doing this,” the man smiled. “What is your
name?” asked Mary-Lou. “I will always remember the first white man who helped
us.” It is better that you don’t know. It could put me in grave danger should
someone force you to tell, the man said with a sombre look on his face. ” Well,
it is time you get some rest. Tonight will be another long night. He shut the
door. Mary-Lou yawned. As she fell asleep she prayed for Imani. “Lord Jesus,
wherever she is, I hope she is safe.”


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Excerpt #2

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