Dorothy and the Pilot

Hi everyone! I’m posting this story again because I accidentally deleted it. I hope that you enjoy!                       Bright eyed Dorothy sat at her writing desk
with her steel gray fountain pen. Her pen scratched the paper furiously as she
wrote line after line. She held it up to the lamplight. Satisfied, she sealed
the letter with two kisses. Then, Dorothy called, “Mother!” Dorothy’s mother
hurried into the room. Dorothy grinned. Her mother still held a damp dishcloth
in one hand. “I finished writing another letter to Bart.” Dorothy said calmly. Dorothy’s
mother laughed. Ever since Dorothy had started a pen pal correspondence with a friendly
pilot, whose face she had never seen, her family had been as well informed as a
radio audience. Dorothy perched her face on her chin. Bart had been a
trustworthy friend.

summer, when she was outside the brick gates of the local junior high, she had
felt as small as a pea pod among the strange faces. But she had to go to
school. Her parents would be disappointed if she ran away from it. “Will I make
any friends?” Dorothy wondered. Then, she had seen Bart’s latest words of
wisdom. “If you feel comfortable with yourself, other people will feel
comfortable with you…. including teachers.” Dorothy had laughed and felt much

summer after that, Dorothy had organized a can drive for the war effort. She
went from door to door collecting tin or metal cans of soup, peas, or beans
along with her badge wearing friends. After a while, Dorothy became tired,
especially since one neighbor woman came out with a growl and wet hair still in
curlers. Bart had said, “Even if a bear doesn’t appreciate what you do now, God
will reward you.” Dorothy had carried on the drives.

summer after that, Dorothy had been babysitting a young cousin, a
miniature tornado with light brown hair, freckles, and a love for mischief.
Whenever Dorothy went to ride her bike, she would find the tires mysteriously
flat. He sang tunes like, “Jitterbug Bite,” until there was no tomorrow.
Dorothy had almost wished an insect would bite her when she tried to
study. Bart had only said, “A great way to understand kids is to be one,
unfortunately, I’m too old.” However, had Dorothy found a way-through play
dough sculptures in pinks and greens. As Dorothy thought of these things, she
wished that she could meet Bart. Little did she know that her wish would be
gratified in a most peculiar way. Dorothy had been waiting at the train station
to deliver a letter to a sturdy built cousin serving over-seas, when someone
tapped her on the shoulder. Surprised, Dorothy turned around and saw an
unfamiliar face.

face had belonged to a young woman with black bobbed hair, sparkling brown
eyes, and a friendly smile. Dorothy studied the young woman and asked, “May I
help you?” The young woman said, “I’m looking for someone who lives at 3201
East Cove. Have you seen it?” Dorothy’s mouth dropped open. “Why?” The young
woman dusted off her dark jacket said, “Because. I hoped to surprise a girl who
lives there.” Dorothy smiled and took the young woman’s arm. “You’ve come just
to the right place.” Dorothy smiled at the young woman’s bewilderment. Truly,
God had a wonderful way of bringing friends together, even if they didn’t know
it, at first.






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Dorothy and the Pilot

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