Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Series 1 Book 1
The Birthday Book
                                                            Chapter 1
 “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jessie! Happy birthday to you!” Jessie’s friends cheered.
Jessie was 11 now,and was celebrating her birthday with friends. She loved the cake and games, but the thing she loved most was the oak table that had presents piling on it. Presents with bows of purple, silver, or gold, big presents, small presents, long presents, there was a lot of presents on the table. Jessie couldn’t wait till it was time to open them.
 “Okay girls, finish up the cake, and then we will open the presents.” her mom called out, to the girls with ice cream mustaches on their faces.
 After endless soap bubble fights, spilled water cleanups, and many trips to the garbage can, all the girls gathered around the table with the huge stack of presents. Jessie was smiling, knowing that her friends gave her good presents.
 She started with the long present, which ended up being a volleyball net. She then went to the big present, and got a Lego kit. Eventually she opened all the presents, and got a big stash of candy, games, stuffies, and cute things. No one noticed the small present that fell under the small oak table except for Annie, the friend that gave Jessie the present. But she knew that would happen, and was glad everything went according to plan.
 The party was soon over, and everyone went home. Jessie’s mother started cleaning the house, while Jessie went to put her presents to good use. As Jessie was playing with the Lego kit, her mother was vacuming the floor.
 “Coming mom.”
 Jessie came down the stairs to find her mother holding a present.
 “I found a present from under the table, it’s from Annie.”
 “Ok, thanks mom.”
 When back in her room, Jessie opened the gift. Inside was a thick book, with a small envelope tucked inside. Curious, Jessie opened it. It read:
 Dear Jessie,
This book may look boring, as there is nothing on the cover. But I need you to remember this, never judge any book by its cover. You don’t know whats in it. Before you open this book, you will need o make the wisest selection you will do in your life. You will need to choose a person you want to share a journey with for the rest of your life. Be wise, because you will never be able to switch that person. After you are done with this book, pass it on to someone else.
                                               Happy Birthday, Annie.
  Scared, Jessie called her best friend Lily without thought. Right away her friend answered.
  “Lily, you need to come here right now.”
  “Be right there. Bye.”

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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