Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Ch.3

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
“Why is it so dark?” whimpered Lily,
Jessie and Lily were stuck in the book. Jessie’s mom closed it, which trapped them. As if on que with Lily, the book was light.
“I think we are experiencing the beginning of the earth.” exclaimed Lily.
“So we are going to see the Big Bang and the ape men and how we evolve? This is a weird present.” muttered Jessie.
Jessie didn’t know God. Her parents were divorced, and her mom gave up on God before Jessie was born. Lily tried explaining to Jessie that God made everything, but Jessie didn’t want to hear it.
“No Jessie, the earth was created by God.”
“Don’t start that nonsense again.”
Lily kept quiet. Out of nowhere, a dog the size of a house ran towards them.
“Run!!!” Jessie screamed. But Lily stayed put, she was not afraid of the dog.
“Jessie, I think we are supposed climb on the dog!”
“Oh yeah? You go on, I wouldn’t dare. It could kill you.” argued Jessie.
But before Lily could say something back, the dog gently grabbed Lily and Jessie with its paw, and swung them on its back.
” AHHHH!” screamed Jessie. She was so frightened her face was pale, but the dog started sprinting across the white. Every so often it would stop and turn a page, then it would start sprinting again.
“Don’t worry girls, everything will be fine.” the dog said to Jessie and Lily. Jessie fainted.

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Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Ch.3

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