Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Ch.2

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Chapter 2
Lily was reading the letter Annie gave to Jessie. It was all so strange, so strange it made Jessie cry.
“Did you look at the book?” Lily asked Jessie.
“No,I called you first.”
The girls took the book out of the box and inspected it. It had silky white pages, and a black leather cover. There was no title, no author name, nothing.
“Do you think we should open it?” Asked Jessie. Her lips were trembling, her eyes watery, you could tell she was really creeped out.
Lily opened the book. There were no words on the pages either. But suddenly, a hand appeared out of no where.
“AAHHHH!” Both girls shrieked. The hand started writing on the pages, and then it disappeared. Annie and Jessie looked at the words. They said, “In the beginning…”
“In the beginning…” Whispered Annie. When a black tunnel appeared in the book. It got wider and wider and bigger and bigger…. When the girls fell in.
Jessie’s mom came in the room. She so nothing but a black leather book on Jessie’s desk.
“I thought I heard screaming.” She thought. “Oh well.” And she closed the leather book on the desk and left. She trapped Jessie and Annie in the book.

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Ch.2

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