Do you think it sounds good?

Well I’m writing a book, and I was wondering what you guys thought about it.
Basically, A totally happy family lives in Ireland, there is a mother, father, and three girls.
Later on, something totally turns their lives upside down, and the mother leaves to America, to see if they can start a new life there. Well, the three girls get news that their mother’s plane crashed, and there were no survivors. Being as the oldest is only 16, she is old enough to work, so the social worker takes her little twin sisters to an orphanage. Well, the oldest decides she can’t just watch while her sisters are being taken away, so she takes her twin sisters and runs, and basically the book is about their journey across Europe, to find a hidden secret that will change their lives.
What do you think? Does it sound interesting at all??

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Do you think it sounds good?

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