Road……. All that you could see for miles and miles. Nothing new. Callie just escaped from the grasp of 2 evil people. Still, nothing new. Callie checked her watch. 6:29 pm. Ugh.

Callie was just craving some excitement. Anything. Right now, she was desperate for a friend, it didn’t matter who. Callie was so lonely and afraid. She had absolutely no clue about what lay in store for her, or if she would ever see her family again. Callie just remembered these things and walked slowly on the sidewalk of Main St.  She thought about her ”adventure” and was so focused in her reverie that she didn’t notice the boy that she ran into.

” Oh my goodness!!! I’m so sorry! I should’ve seen where I was going___…………..” Callie quickly explained and mumbled at the same time.

” No worries,” He replied with a slight wave of his hand.. Callie saw his dark green eyes, which reminded her of the woods that she had just from. He was clearly taller than her, maybe 5’10 or 11, she couldn’t tell. His smile seemed so warm and welcoming, that she actually smiled back. ’Wow, this guy seems really nice,…. And he’s kinda cute.’ Callie thought.

” I’m Jack,” he said extending his hand, ” Jack O’Flaherty”. As Callie was about to say her name, she realized that she shouldn’t use her real name , so she changed it in a second.

” Nice to meet you,…um…  Jack, I’m uh…..Audrey Rain Case.”

“Cool, so Audrey, where are you from?”

“Uh, Washington D.C. ” Callie said nervously, as if her mouth wasn’t connected to her brain

“Wow, you must be a long ways from home. Where are your parents?” Jack said.

“Um…… they’re at work. My dad is a doctor and my mom is an insurance agent and they are both stuck at work until 8:00 tonight, so I won’t be seeing them for a while.” Callie breathed a sigh of relief inside her for being able to make up a story that quickly.

“Really? Then maybe you should come over to my house for dinner then!” he stated.

“Ok, sure” Callie responded, trying to sound casual. Yet inside she was jumping with excitement.

Gee, this dude seems really….uh…..hyper and is like, a social butterfly’ Callie thought to herself.

“C’mon, my house is this way,” he said pointing straight ahead. Callie said nothing but just followed him. At least THIS would keep that creepy couple away for some time. But something about Jack didn’t seem quite right. Maybe it was his eyes, or his voice or his really awkward smile……………….. Or maybe it was just Callie’s imagination. She couldn’t be so sure.



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