Callie woke to a bump in the road.  Her mouth was duct-taped and her hands were tied with a cord behind her back. First, she licked all around the duct tape which loosened it. Now for the cord. She wrestled with it, but it held her down. if only there was a way to untie it…… She felt around the knot- a square knot!! Now she had to bring her hands in front of her. After she successfully brought them underneath her legs, she now had to move it just a little forward……. .  She was laying in the back of a pick-up truck, under the window. She dared not to lift her head, because the two people inside might see her. WHOA……. ” I am so stupid.” thought Callie. She completely forgot about her high tech gear. She pulled out a Laser disguised as a pen and broke herself free.  Then she got a very fine camera from her bag and saw what they were doing. They were talking about something, probably her. But she had to know exactly what they were talking about. She sprayed some surveillance powder though the tube that she held through the window, and put some tactic gel in her ear. Now she could hear everything that they were saying, but her mind was somewhere else. Not where her mission was. And THAT could be a problem.

 Callie looked outside and saw trees and road go by in a blur. That chip was in there, and there was no way she could get it…… The WINDOW!!!!! Open. For. Her. To. Get. The. Chip. Callie was laughing inside. She put a fine piece of bug tape on the inner lining of the pick-up.



So what shall we do with the chip?……. and the girl?” the man said to his wife as he continued to navigate their direction. “

Uh… um….. I dunno….. Dave”, she said with a strong southern accent as she sat idly with her arm on the windowsill.

“Ok. But for now I’ll put the chip here.” Dave said as he put it in the pocket behind his driving chair.

” Alright, but I don’t think that we should go too hard on the girl. You know?” Helga replied softly.

“Well… Helga, if you don’t think we should put the girl in a slave trade or something like that then we could brainwash her and put her as a servant under…..”

” Why,….. you don’t mean…….”.Helga said as her voice trailed off.

” Oh, of course I do…..”

There was a silence as he paused.

” Dr. Cylis……..”, They both quietly said.




Callie shuddered in the back as she heard the conversation. They would put her under Dr. Cylis. All he ever did was use his “workers” for experiments. Callie didn’t want to be tested on anything-especially a disintegration lab. She had to get out of there-and fast. Callie scanned the back of the pick-up that she was in.  It was basically empty, except  for a bottle of very old water, some sort of powder which she couldn’t identify, and a spare tire. That was it. Nothing else.

She took some of her surveillance powder, which is HIGHLY flammable. Callie dropped some in front of a laser, and it exploded. She thought that it was perfect. Callie opened a small compartment and mix-matched some wires. Then she turned around, cut the tire in half, and covered it in her sweatshirt. That way, if she could make a run for it, she would have a little back up.




” Helga, I think that we should stop at this here gas station.” Dave said, bringing the car to a halt.

“Alright Dave,” She said, getting out of the car.



Callie watched them go inside the mini-mart of the gas station. She knew this was her one and only chance. The second that they walked in, she jumped to action, first, she switched the wires in the electrical box to make the car reverse all it’s operations. That way, if they tried to drive forward, they would end up going backward. Then she gathered all of her belongings and jumped out of the back and dashed towards the woods. The only problem was the fact that she was in the middle of a city where there was no woods. She just ran along the gritty asphalt while cars zoomed by her.She had no clue where she was going or how she would get home. The sun was beginning to set out on the horizon and she had no shelter, no food, or money. She glanced back and saw them come out of the store and slowly make their way to the car.


Then Callie ran like there was no tomorrow.  She couldn’t even be sure if there was a tomorrow for her. She just ran the same way as she started her journey.


“Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough troubles of its own”

-Author Unknown……………..




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