Creating a Profile


What’s your profile? I’m not talking about a social media profile, but
about the real you. Are you the school genius, class clown, top athlete,
Bible wiz, or are you just trying not to be seen some days? Do you act a
certain way when you’re at school and maybe a different way at church or

We choose our persona, or the person we portray ourselves to be. Sure
there’s some genetic things that make us what we look like. There are also
some socialized things that we learn from our families and friends. But as
we become adults (yup, that’s you since changing from a child to adult
usually starts during your Pathfinder years) you get to decide who you are
going to be.

When you step out in the world of social media you should be you. Not a
fake version of yourself, but the real person—except if you’re struggling
to be nice to people on daily basis. 😀

If you have a social media account, think about what you want to be and how
you want others to see you. If you don’t have an account, write down what
you would put on your account. When you’re done, pray about it. Ask God how
you can use your “Profile” to be a witness to others.

Did you know there’s a Pathfinder honor for social media? Find out about it

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Creating a Profile

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