This is a story I am writing just for fun. I don’t know if I will finish it. If anyone would like me to, please tell me and I will make a special effort, if not whatever. Help me come up with a better name please.

The sound of thundering hooves and
hair whipping in the wind fell pleasantly on Christina’s ears. There was
nothing the princess liked to do more than take a ride on a warm summer
afternoon. The hustle and bustle of the palace had no appeal to Christina,
unlike her twin, Christopher, who loved being shut up in the palace,  but to Christina, the vast expanses of the
outdoors of Vendara attracted much more to the young princess.



The two siblings had almost nothing
in common, except their love of good food. Other than that, they were as different
as cats and dogs. Christina had radiant red hair, unlike Christopher, who had
bleach blond hair. Christina loved to be outside in nature ignoring most rules
that governed proper behavior for a princess, while Christopher was more the
royal brat you normally think of. Christopher refused to let anyone call him
Chris, but Christina thought that her name was too long, so insisted upon being
called Chris. Those who don’t know them have a hard time recognizing that they
are twins.



Chris slowed her horse to an easy walk.
She soaked in the sunshine and smiled at some butterflies that flew across her
path. What a lovely day, she thought.
Chris halted her horse, Silverflash, under a large tree. A small bird flitted
away as she slipped lightly to the ground. Flopping onto the lush green grass,
Christina leaned her back against the rough bark of the tree.



The beauty of nature never ceased
to amaze her. Looking down on the grass, Christina admired the simple beauty of
the wild flowers. Looking up, she stared a moment at the dazzling blue sky,
dotted occasionally by a few fluffy white clouds. Yes indeed, today is a
beautiful day, Christina declared to herself.



Relaxing in the shade of the tree,
Christina drifted off to sleep. The birds sang her a lullaby, and the warmth
from the sun warmed her. If only it could be like this all the time, were her
last thoughts before sleep overcame her.



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