Christina- part 2




Part 2: The nickering of
Silverflash brought Christina out of her light peaceful sleep. Looking to the
west, she noticed the brilliant reds, oranges, pinks, and purples that made up
the sunset. The sunset! It must be time for supper!  They would realize that she was gone now! She
had snuck out her window in order to be able to leave alone. She had said she
was taking a nap so that she would be alone. Good old Silverflash was hungry,
so he decided it was time to go back.



Dragging her feet, which had long
ago fallen asleep, underneath her, Christina pushed herself into a standing position.
She leaped lightly onto Silverflash with an assurance that came from many years
of riding. Chris urged her horse into a steady gallop; she was in a hurry to
get back. If she wasn’t back soon, she was going to be in trouble!



Queen Charlotte of Vendara was a
stickler for being on time, if you weren’t in time, you just missed it, unless
it was something you didn’t like. Considering that Christina loved food, and
that she was very hungry after such a long ride, the princess was very much in
a hurry! Christina steered her horse around some rocks and trees as she got closer
to the castle. She knew she would have to slow down once she was in the castle,
or else someone might hear and get her in trouble. Christina rode in a lady
like canter through the gates that were, thankfully, open.



Sliding off of Silverflash, she
quickly handed the reins to a small boy that waited for her. Grateful,
Christina said,” Thank you Timmy, I am in a hurry today!” Quickly she ran in
the direction of the palace in the castle. The castle was set up so that the
middle part was the palace; the rest was stables, servants’ quarters, a
blacksmith shop, and a few other things.



Quickly Christina ran to her room
to change. It wouldn’t do to go to supper with her riding clothes on! Despite
the fact that she ignored most other rules, Chris always made sure to wear clean
clothes to dinner. She slid carefully around the last corner, than skidded to a
stop when she saw someone in her room. She tiptoed as quietly as her high
healed riding boots allowed into her room. The intruder was a girl of about Christina’s
age and build. The girl was tall and slender, with unrestrained jet black hair,
cascading down her back. Humming the girl walked past Christina, not noticing



Christina quickly walked into her
room, brushed her hair, and changed her clothes. She rushed down the stairs to the
dining room. Just ahead of her Christina saw her mother walking in a stately
manner in the same direction. Whew, Christina
thought, I’m glad I’m not late!



Christina rounded the last corner
and entered the lavish dining hall. Most people, when they first saw it,
thought it was the ballroom. But it was not so, the ballroom was much more spectacular.
It was definitely a sight to behold. The crystal chandeliers, ceilings made of
only glass, marble floors, and floor length mirrors gave the room a special aura
of elegance. Chris thought for sure that someday the room would go down in
history as the most fabulous ballroom ever imagined possible.









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Christina- part 2

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