Christian Boarding School Rules. Westmount Christian Academy Handbook.

 If you are planning on reading Christian Boarding School, you should read the handbook. Because, for the rest of the time you are reading, you will be a student here, and must understand the rules, (although you are not required to follow them). lol
 Westmount Christian Academy does not tolerate any insolence. At this boarding school, our staff are loco parentis, Latin for in the place of a parent. We expect your total respect and obedience to us staff members. If you disobey the same rule more than once, you will be punished with varying severity, depending on which rule you broke. You’re not permitted to leave your dorm after lights out. Also, you must listen to your dorm monitor. If you would like to visit anywhere outside of the Academy, you must sign out a form and present it to a member of staff for approval. Following approval, if you are 12 or older, you may leave with a friend. You are never allowed to leave the school grounds without a companion. You are required to wear your uniform to all classes unless directed not to do so on a particular day. For girls, your skirt should be no shorter than your knees. For boys, your pants must be held up by a belt and shouldn’t be too large. Every morning after assembly, your uniform will be inspected. Untidiness will be given demerit points and tardiness also. Finally, all electronic devices will not be permitted during the school day. You will be able to use your device for a maximum of 2 hours each day, however, all social media sites will temporarily be disabled. But, you will be able to contact people through Direct Messanger.  

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Christian Boarding School Rules. Westmount Christian Academy Handbook.

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