Christian Boarding School 4

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“Ughhh. This uniform is awful.” Becky groaned as she pulled on the green and black plaid shirt. “It makes me look like I have a sallow complexion.”
“Well, at least it’s comfortable.” Carlee said as she slipped on the knee length black skirt. “Humph.  This is way too early to be waking up.” Diane groused. She wasn’t a morning person. “Look at the time. It’s only 7:00 AM.” “Guys. Hurry up, It’s almost time to gather for morning devotions in the chapel.” Sophie said. She was already fully dressed, had spread her bed and was passively reading the Bible. “I call dibs on the bathroom,” Carlee yelled as Audree exited. “No fair. I was waiting from before you.” Diane said.  Sophie shook her head. Arguing about the bathroom would just make them even later, and they hadn’t even spread their beds. Sure enough, the girls rushed into the chapel 5 minutes late. “Good morning ladies. I’m glad you decided to join us.” Principal Goodman said coldly. The girls blushed.“Please take a seat and open your hymnals to page 162.” Betsy squirmed in her seat. The hymns seemed to last forever. And when they were finished singing, a young man came up and began to read from the Bible. Betsy zoned out. Back at her church, the children didn’t have to stay and listen to the sermon.  They had their own lessons in a separate room. Becky always enjoyed that time because she could whisper to her friends and take selfies when the teacher wasn’t looking. But here, Betsy didn’t dare. She could see Principal Goodman’s keen eyes flitting over every student to make sure they were paying attention. And when the principal chanced to see a sleeping student, she leaned over and tapped him to wake him up. Now more than ever, Betsy wished to be home. “Betsy!” She jumped from her seat. Betsy realized that everyone was standing in a line by the door. She flushed with embarrassment and ran to take her place in the line. The teachers walked up and down inspecting the students. One paused beside Becky. “You need to tie your hair back.” “Why,” Becky asked. “It’s distracting if your hair is always falling into your face. Also, your uniform is crumpled, your skirt slightly twisted and your shoes need to be polished. Since this is your first day, you will not be given any demerit points, but please ensure that you are neater.” Becky turned red and stuck her tongue out at the teacher’s back. “What a rotten start to my first day.” Becky thought.

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Christian Boarding School 4

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