Christian Boarding School 3

The picture above is of Becky.
Previously:” Rebellion. We must protest. We will break every rule. That will teach them.” “But what if they punish us?” Audree asked fearfully. ” Well, let them try. Listen, my plan is better than just miserably following the rules. The worst they can do is send us back home.” Becky said scornfully. “So, are you guys all in?”  “Yes! the girls cheered and high-fived.  Becky returned to her bed smiling. Hopefully, they would send her back home to her awesome school and great friends.
This is Chapter 3. lol
Later That Afternoon.
“Hullo!’ a freckled, blonde-haired girl peeked into the room just as Betsy had finished unpacking her suitcase. The girl surveyed the buttercup- yellow room. Sunlight streamed in from the two windows, spilling onto the colorful bedspreads. There were four beds against the wall across from the door and one bed right beside the door. Beside each bed was a wooden table and at the base of each bed was a large wooden chest. “Hello. Who are you?” Audree asked eagerly. “I’m Sophie. I guess you’re the new students?”  “Yes. I’m Audree. The girl with black hair is Diane, the girl with auburn hair is Carlee, and the girl with dark brown hair is Becky.” The girls waved as Audree said their names. “Nice to meet you,” Sophie said. “I suppose this is my bed?” She asked motioning to the bed by the door. They nodded. “How long have you come to this school?” Audree asked. “Since I turned 10. And now I’m 12.” Sophie said, unpacking her clothes. “Have there always been these… um, strange rules?” Audree asked wrinkling her nose. Sophie laughed. ‘Yes. It does take some getting used to, but soon, the rules don’t seem like such a big deal,”  “And you like it here?” Diane asked incredulously. “Absolutely. At first, I was homesick, but then I started enjoying myself. This place is awesome!” Becky raised her eyebrows. “Doesn’t seem like that to me. I think the teachers are trying to take away our freedom.” Sophie cocked her head. ‘Well, they have to make many rules so that they can have order. If they weren’t as strict, here would be chaotic, because, unlike day school, the students have to stay here for the whole school year, except for holidays.” Becky frowned but stayed silent. “By the way, I’m your dorm monitor.” All the girls gasped. “Don’t worry. I’m not very demanding.” Sophie smiled. She looked at her watch. “Oh my. It’s time for my meeting with Principal Goodman and the other monitors. I’ll see you later.” She hurried out of the room.  The girls were silent for a bit. Finally, Audree nervously asked “Becky, can’t we put off your plan? mean, let’s just try to work with the rules for one week. Sophie loves it here. We might too.” Becky growled. “I doubt it. Let’s vote. All in favor of putting off the plan raise your hands. Carlee and Audree’s hands popped into the air. Diane slowly followed. “Alright. We’ll try following the rules for one week.” Becky growled. The others smiled.  “Listen, there’s the dinner bell. Let’s go. I’m starving.” Carlee yelled. Audree and Diane followed her out of the room. Becky frowned.

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Christian Boarding School 3

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