Christian Boarding School 2

 The picture above is of Mrs.Goodman.
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  Christian Boarding School Rules
   Chapter 1
                            Here is chapter 2
‘Well, why don’t you come in.” Mrs.Goodman’s voice shook Miss Lark out of her reverie. “I’ll give you all a quick tour before you go to your rooms to settle in. Most of the other children will be coming tomorrow.” Mrs.Goodman led the group into a  cozy foyer. Two grand staircases led off it. A receptionist was sitting at the desk. “This is Miss Thompson,” “Hello, Miss Thompson.” everyone said
Beyond the foyer, was a chapel. ‘We will meet here every day for morning assembly and devotion.”  Beside the chapel was a dining room and kitchen. “Students will help make breakfast at least once a week.” And then they passed through a long hall filled with classrooms. Finally, they looked at the grounds, which had many playing fields. ‘Each student will be required to play at least one sport.” “Now I will show you to your rooms.” Mrs.Goodman said as she led them up one of the two grand staircases. “There will be five children in a room and one of those children will be the room monitor. The room monitor will be responsible for lights out, making sure each child keeps their space clean, and settling minor arguments. If you have any questions,  please come talk to me.” she said as she assigned the children their rooms.
 Becky flopped onto the dorm bed. She had to find a way to get out of there. “I’m sure I won’t enjoy it here,” she grumbled under her breath. “Mrs. Goodman seems strict and uptight. Besides, I didn’t ask to be sent to this stuffy private school. I liked my old school just fine.” Just then she heard a shriek. “What’s the matter. I’m trying to rest here!” she yelled at Audree who was unpacking her suitcase. “Have you looked at 
the handbook?” Audree shrieked. “No. Why?” Audree shoved the book into Becky’s hands. “Just look at those rules.” Becky scanned the rule page in disbelief. “What! No leaving the dorm after lights out! No leaving the grounds without asking! Wear a neat uniform! No electronic devices! No social media!” Becky screeched. “They’re taking away all our freedom!” The other two girls, Carlee and Diane gathered around to see what the fuss was about. “This is crazy!” Carlee wailed. “What are we going to do!” Diane howled. “What can we do?” Audree sniffled. “We’ll just have to endure four torturous months.”  Suddenly a lightbulb went off in Becky’s brain. ‘There is another option. We can’t let them restrict our self-expression with their stiff rules. We can’t let them dominate us like puppets. We must stand up.” “How?” Diane asked. Becky’s voice dropped to a conspirational whisper. ” Rebellion. We must protest. We will break every rule. That will teach them.” “But what if they punish us?” Audree asked fearfully. ” Well, let them try. Listen, my plan is better than just miserably following the rules. The worst they can do is send us back home.” Becky said scornfully. “So, are you guys all in?”  “Yes! the girls cheered and high-fived.  Becky returned to her bed smiling. Hopefully, they would send her back home to her awesome school and great friends.
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Christian Boarding School 2

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