Chapter two! (Mimi)

Ooookay everyone, I’m back, and I’ve got the next chapter for you! Feel free to post new characters!lol
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                                                                CHAPTER TWO
The next day I was determined to ride in that thingy-ma-bob! (Zach had another name for it, but I couldn’t remember it) Carla had come over, and she and Rachel were discussing Zach.  “I really did want to ride,” sighed Rachel, gazing at the workshop.  “But, seriously, it’s not safe! I couldn’t let anyone else in it.” “I know! It must be disappointing to work on something for so long, and then..” her voice trailed off. “Psst!” whispered Rachel.  “Is that Zach? He looks awful!” “I see! He must’ve had a bad night last night.” All this time I had been butting Rachel, nosing her, and even jumping on her! Finally, she picked me up and put me on her lap.  “What is it? Stop annoying me, please!” I wriggled out of her arms and ran to the workshop.  Yes! the door was open! I squeezed in.  Rachel was right behind me, yelling.  “Mimi, no! we can’t go in there! Mimi! come back here! MIMI!!!” I hid behind one of the contraptions. I heard Rachel stop at the door and say ” all right, Mimi, you win. Come on out, the games over.”
“Mimi! Zach told us not to go in there!”
I pushed over something metal to make it crash.
“Mimi! what are you doing- Oh that silly lamb! I’ll have to get her.”
I ran to the biggest invention and hoped it was the time machine.  Rachel finally opened the door, and stepped in coughing.  “Ugh! doesn’t Zach ever clean it out in here? It is so dusty!” “Sometimes, I do, but what good does it do? all my machines cause dust.” Rachel jumped. “Ahh! What- how-” “There’s a door in the back.  I heard noises, so I came out.  Why are you here?” He sounded angry.  Just then, I stepped out from the shadows.  “MIMI! oh you naughty little lamb, you know your not supposed to be in here!” now Zach was confused.  “What? why is she in here? Rachel, I’ve told you- wait a minute,” he paused.  Suddenly, he began to smile.  Quickly, he scooped me up and herded Rachel outside.  “Zach, what are you up to? Why are you smiling like that, and- wait. No.  You wouldn’t!” Zach nodded.  “It could work.  Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I came down here and worked on the machine.  I increased the percentage of living through the time travel.  Bumped it up to 55 percent.” Rachel looked doubtful.  I began to worry.  “Please, Rachel.  I know what I’m doing.  It’s more than half of a hundred percent that she’ll make it. Please.”  Rachel sighed.  “What does Mimi think?” she asked.  I ran around in circles and jumped up and down.  She laughed.  “Ill take that as a yes,” she said, “But if you don’t like it…” she looked expectantly at Zach. He nodded.  “There will be a video camera watching every move.  We can bring her back if things don’t look good.” Rachel closed her eyes, thinking.  “Alright,” she said finally.  “But if she get hurt, or…” she trailed off.  Zach sighed.  “I know.  C’mon, let’s get her in the machine.”
 Okay, okay.  This is a cliffhanger.  Sooo…
I’ll provide you with…
 This… (keep scrolling)
Bang! the metal doors closed behind me.  I heard Zach calling me through the headset.  “Zach to Mimi, we are at ten seconds till takeoff…. nine…eight…seven… six… four … three… two…
One!” I heard the engines start to life and I felt the machine begin to turn. It began to shake.  The panels on the floor were so hot it hurt to touch them.  Then, Boom! the machine settled.  I sat, in a daze, until Zach’s voice crackled over the headset.  “Mimi! you have reached your destination!” I had no idea what that meant, so I stayed put.  Suddenly, I heard Rachel.  “Mimi, he means, your there!  you are in Bible times!
 alright, you thought it wouldn’t be a cliffhanger didn’t you!  Okay I’m sorry, but, I’ll be back soooon!

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Chapter two! (Mimi)

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