Chapter five

Okay guidesters, forgive me for last time… I know it was waay too short! I’ll try to write a longer story, but who knows…
                                                                       CHAPTER FIVE
I trembled in my hiding place. I was just about to peek out when I heard Someone calling.  “Adam. Eve! where are you?” He sounded so gentle, yet His voice was tinged with sadness. It was as if He knew… And then I realized. It was Him! The Creator! I imagined how scared Adam and Eve were. I imagined the hiding somewhere, shivering, because the warmth had left. Then it hit me. I knew where they were! I had noticed a stand of fig trees during my mad dash through the Garden.  A flock of birds suddenly swooped over head. A giraffe and two monkeys ran by.  What on earth? Wait! The lion was coming! It stalked up close, growled and… Walked away! I mean it! the thing just. Walked. Away! Crazy or what? and I thought it was supposed to eat me! I felt safe enough to peek outside… Yikes! Two tigers strolled by.  Was this Noah’s ark or what? Then I realized (Okay I’m realizing a lot in this story, but, hey, you would too!) They were heading in the direction of the Creators voice.  Suddenly, I felt compelled to follow.  I wondered if this happened every time that God called.  Maybe there was a parade every time they heard His voice! That would be so cool. I scrambled out of my hole. If that’s what was happening, I wanted to be part of it!
A little bit later, after you know, when God found them and said everything? Okay, this is not the best description of what happened, but… It makes me feel sad to think about it. After they left the Garden, everything changed. The wind, the plants… Even the animals! I was forever itching because of the burrs in my wool.  Eve was crying, I mean really crying, and she wasn’t trying to hide it.  I think I even saw tears in Adam’s eyes too.  Anyway, after that I didn’t stay long.  Last I saw, Adam was using a sharp stone to cut branches for a house.  I wandered into the woods so I could signal that I was ready to come back. I shook my head and bleated twice. Suddenly, I saw a faint outline covering me. It grew stronger and stronger, until I was fully inside of the machine. Then there was a flash of light and a loud bang, and I was home. As soon as I stepped out, Rachel grabbed me and hugged me too hard. I wiggled, but she only hugged me tighter. I coughed. “Hey, hey, don’t strangle the poor thing before she has a chance to even take a break!” Laughed Zach. Rachel loosened her hold somewhat, and I stopped needing to gasp for air. Rachel buried her face in my wool.  “Oh, Mimi, that was so cool! We got to see everything, and you got to experience it!” “And,” said Zach, “you are the first person- or should I say, lamb- to ever go back in time! You just made history!” His face sobered. “Well, I’m not going to announce it yet… It might cause- a stir. Maybe too much excitement.” Rachel nodded. “way too much.” Zach grinned. “Well, I’m looking forward to the next visit to bible times, but in the meantime, I’m starving! Let’s go eat!”
 Okey Dokey, This one was actually a bit longer! I hope you liked it! I’ll be back sooooon!

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Chapter five

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