Chapter 4 of Meet The Lord, “Heart attack!”

DISCLAIMER!!!: This is not my story, this is actually Peach1’s story. She wanted me to continue it.  About her, she can’t come on guide anymore. But she is making a website so that we all can chat with her again. And when its done I”ll post the link to it up  here sometime. 😉 She’s really eager to see if you like her story, so leave a comment and I’ll pass it on to her 😉 ~ honeyflower

Chapter 4 Heart attack! 

“1, 2 , 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,9!” May’s little sister Lillian  said. John slapped his forehead. “Nooooooo Lillian! You were close but it’s, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.” John said. Lillian started to cry. John grabbed a tissue from the tissue box. “And crying won’t help either. ” he said. Lillian blew her nose. ” I never get right.” She said sadly. John smiled on at her. “It’s fine. You aren’t started school yet but I want you to be a little smart before you start.” Lillian hugged John. ” Thank you bubba.” May was studying hard on her math. Although school break just started, she wanted to be good at math. By the way, she was going to camp! Oh all the excitement she had been waiting for! Just then, there was a knock on the door. “Hi Maryann!  Are you absolutely excited about going to Kentucky Camp? ” Maryann smiled. “I sure am! But remember May, we promised one another, if I can’t go then you can’t, and if you can’t go then I can’t. Right? ” May nodded. “You betcha sister. ” May walked with Maryann to the Unknown Creek as they call it. It really was a secret creek for just the two of them. May slipped off her shoes and dipped her feet in the river. So did Maryann. “So lovely. God is an amazing artist! He just knows what we would like before we were made! ” Maryann turned her head to May. “Isn’t he wonderful May?” May nodded. “Yes. Although I don’t go to church, it is still amazing.” The girls’ hair flew in the wind. After 30 seconds Maryann grabbed her throat. She coughed so hard. May’s eyes widened. “Maryann? Are you alright???? What’s the matter??” Maryann’s body fell in the water. “HELP! HELP! CALL THE AMBULANCE! ” She screamed on the tippy top of her lungs. “Lord please be with Maryann!” she thought. People near by ran over there to grab Maryann out of the water. May’s mom came out. “Oh Lord!” She pressed on (best friend’s name) chest and a nearby man called the ambulance. Tears stained May’s face. “Will she be-” “Hold on Honey just a minute. ” Her mom said still pressing on Maryann’s chest. The ambulance arrived and May and her mom went with them. ” Maryann? Maryann? ” May asked her friend who was in a hospital bed with a air mask. “May…” Maryann said weakly.Her words muffled because of the air mask. Tears came running put of May’s eyes. “I…..I…..I don’t want you to die!” She fell on Maryann. “Careful Sweets.” Mom said picking May off Maryann chest. “She needs to breathe.” Maryann tried to smile. “I won’t die May. But if I get worse, pray for me. And if I die…” She patted May’s hand. “I die.” “DON’T SAY THAT! YOU SOUND LIKE THE BIBLE CHARACTER YOU TALKED ABOUT! PLEASE DON’T DIE MARYANN! I NEED YOU! ” May tried to smile. “You said God heals people. I KNOW he’ll heal you. He just has to.” May hugged Maryann real carefully and left the room. Her heart pounded, tears soaked her shirt, and her hands trembled. “Please God” May prayed silently “If you’re real. And you CAN heal, please! Do not let Maryann die!”. May didn’t really know if God was even real. But Maryann talked about him…

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!: Cliffhanger!!! (Sorry, those of you who hate cliffhangers lol >_<) At least until Peach1 emails me the next chapter… 😉 Hope you enjoyed this story and any things you would like to tell Peach1, leave a comment and I’ll send it to her. ~honeyflower


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Chapter 4 of Meet The Lord, “Heart attack!”

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