Chapter 3 of Meet the Lord

 Hiya guys! I know last time was a cliffhanger, (I hopeneutral) but that suspense is over! lol Here’s the next chap!
      Chapter 3 No More Make up or Jewelry
Principal Pete frowned at May. “Maylene Mia Morgan. So, what happened? ” There was silence. “I-I yelled a-a-at Val-Valeria.” May said.
  “And?” Pete raised his eyebrows. “A-a-and tackled h-h-her….” Pete sat up straighter. ” For what good reason? ” He asked. “Ummmm…..I well she-e….I had, I but….t-this uh. I just was uh… mad that – she, well…. was more pop-popular, tha-an m-m-me….” Tears soaked into the floor. “Well,” Pete folded his hands. “What do you suppose to do?” May sniffled. “Hug and make up…” She said quietly. Pete smiled. “I’d like to see it please.” Valeria and May hugged and said a million ‘sorries’. After they left the office,  May turned to Valeria. “I know I said this a million times but, I’m so so sorry I didn’t know what I was doing. “
Valeria smiled the biggest smile May had ever saw. “It’s OK. I am glad you are. I-I know you probably think that I’m trying to be better than you but….really! I’m not trying to make you look left out. I guess new kids begin to be popular. “
  May shook her head smiling. ” No one is better, popular OR most awesome than anyone. God loves each and every one of us.
  We are ALL awesome in his eyes.” Valeria’s eyes filled with tears as she smiled. “Thanks you. Friend. ” She hugged her then ran to a couple of friends of hers. May smiled. “Maryann was right. God looks at the heart. And he loves everyone and me!” Right then May thanked God for showing her the real way of love.
            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
  The bells twinkled as May walked into Sweetreats Bakery. “Well, well, well, this is different. ” Maryann’s mom said, the owner of the Bakery. ” May, you don’t have jewelry or makeup.” May sat on one of the stools and smiled, “Maryann told me about God and that he made me already beautiful. And I believe it. My mom didn’t at first last night, but now, she doesn’t wear it anymore. And I HAVE to admit, God made me more beautiful than face paint!” Mrs. Nelson laughed. “That’s for sure!” She agreed. ” Want the sundae as usual? ” She asked. May nodded. The bells twinkled again, it was Matt, Jr (May’s younger cousin), and Ronnie (another friend).
  “Howdy May. ” Ronnie said. She was from Texas, and had millions of horses. Her Dad was Canadian and her mom was a Texan. That’s why she had a strong Texan accent. ” Hi Ronnie. ” May said. Jr tipped his head and said. ” Ya’ look different. ” 
  May smiled. “No jewelry and no make up.” she answered, knowing what he was about to say. “FINALLY! THE DAY HAS COME!” Matt was relieved. Jr, May and  Ronnie laughted. “I have to admit it does feel kind of funny having it on.
   ” Maryann said God made me beautiful already. It’s like saying, “it’s not enough”.” May said. “It’s ture, ” Jr continued, “God has made you beautiful. ” Ronnie nodded in agreement. “Not only that, my mom stopped using it too!” May said. “Yes! Alright!” May smiled. Once again, the bells twinkle again. This time it was Maryann.
 ” Hi May. It looks like you have changed. ” May hugged her friend ignoring anyone who was looking. “My mom stopped as well.” The two girls cried in joy.
Ok.  First of all, sorry It’s short! Second, I know some of you wear make up, I don’t know if you wear jewelry but I don’t mean to offend y’all. I typed this before I knew you guys wore make up and/or jewelry and I don’t want to change this chapter. I hope you still like it. Next one coming next week.

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Chapter 3 of Meet the Lord

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