Chapter 2 of Meet the Lord

 This may be a cliffhanger. So watch out! wink
                Chapter 2 Out of Control
   After Science and History, it was lunch time.
   May paid for the new vanilla and gingerbread cake, a sandwich, and sweet potatoe fries. As usual, she sat down with Maryann. ” May. You should meet Valeria. She’s is sweet and is great at jump roping. ” May rolled her eyes.
 “Who cares? Anyone can jump rope. Even my 5-year-old sister can jump rope with her eyes closed!” Maryann took a bite into her cake. “She also has been to-” May cut her off, “Brazil, China and France.” Maryann eyes were wide open, so was her mouth. “How do you know if you never talked to her?”
“Matt told me. It’s like she’s famous the first day of school!!” She slammed her fist down on the table so hard, Matt felt the vibration in his shoes. “What’s going on here?” Maryann was startled. “Warn me next time!” She told Matt. Matt laughted.
   “Is Valeria the new “popular” girl now?” May frowned deeply at Matt. “Well, really no one is popular. And no one is better than anyone. Like it says from the Bible, Man may look at the outward appearance of a person, but God looks at the heart.” Matt answered. Maryann grinned. “Some kids here don’t like me cause I have diabetes. But God looks at my heart to see if I’m faithful and trusts in him. ” May bit into her sandwich, ignoring what Maryann and Matt were saying. Matt’s smile disappeared. “It’s your choice. You can be mad at Valeria all your life for no good reason. ” He said biting into his cake.
   May was still ignoring them. After a while the microphone, in the cafeteria, said over the noise of the kids, ” 5th grade class, please report to the art classroom. ” All the 5th graders jumped up with excitement, putting their trays in the trash, and ran to the art classroom. Maryann, May, and Matt walked to the art classroom together. Soon they were painting on their easels. May painted a rose, and Valeria painted kids playing on a yard.
Behide May, kids said, “Ooooooooohhhh! You’re good at painting!!” “Aaaaaaahhhh!! So cool!!!” May smiled. “Why thank you.” May said as she turned around. ” I always try to paint my pictures more re-” She gasped so hard she could hardly breathe.
 The kids weren’t talking to her…. they were talking to Valeria! Hot anger shown all over her face. But to be honest, Valeria’s painting look more realistic.
 May couldn’t stand it any longer. She pushed a little kid out of her way and stared into Valeria’s eyes. “WHO SAID YOU WERE THE POPULAR GIRL AROUND HERE?!” She screamed. Not noticing, their teacher was watching. “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE MY PLACE IN POPULARITY YA WEIRDO!!!!” Valeria was speechless. May shoved Valeria on her eaesl. Valeria fell and totally ruined her painting that made some of the kids be hide May cry.
  Paint mixed into Valeria’s tears, her dress was ripped and her hair was all over her face. Then the Teacher Brina looked like she came out of no where. “*Ahem* Please class, clean this mess, and Valeria and May… you come with me.”  
Ha! Cliffhanger eeh? Well, sorry! You’ll have to wait for the next chapter. Plz still comment  (and like lol). Plz, if there is a word I didn’t spell right… let me know. Thankies! Oh, and tell me how I’m doing. Is it getting worse, sad, weird, awesome or whatever! Plz lemme know. Keep those questions/comments going! K? I’ll be waiting for y’alls responds! God bless! razz

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Chapter 2 of Meet the Lord

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