Chapter 1 part 1

Prolouge 2
I was sitting down on the big brown couch, the comfiest place to sit in the house. I let out a heavy sigh, the children were asleep and as far as I knew, my husband was too. I felt a heavy plop next to me. “Tired?” I looked to my side, my husband had a cup of warm milk in a coffee mug. “Warm milk for when you’re tired and tea for when you’re stressed, you and your habits. But, yeah, I’m pretty tired. With the new baby and all.” I said with a soft laugh. “Here, have some milk.” He said giving me the mug. I took a big gulp, I was tired and needed all the warm milk I could get. “Slow down, dear. You’re gonna finish it all.” He said. “Well, you did offer it to me. I wonder if Trey and Sadie will be as energetic as they are now when they’re older… I wonder.”
Chapter One
 “Trey, hurry up. We need to take Sergeant to Maddy’s house.” I hurried into the back seat as I called my older brother. He raced out of the door with his ever-present camera in tow. “You wasted time just to get your camera!” I exclaimed to my brown-eyed brother. “As if you didn’t spend ten minutes searching for your books last time we went to visit Aunty Jody.” “Hmph.” That was my best response, but we both knew we were excited to see our cousin Carly and Aunty Jo. They lived hours away from our home and we often got there late in the night. “So we go to Maddy’s from there we go to the store for last minute necessities. While you and Sadie go on a last-minute shopping trip, I fuel the car, then we leave”
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Chapter 1 part 1

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