Chapter 1 of my book God’s Little Princess

God’s Little Princess

Chapter 1

I just can’t live like this
anymore. It is so irritating and almost a little confusing to have people
fussing over me. I could leave. But how…and…when…and… But she didn’t
get any farther for she heard her mother calling, “Elizabeth! Come here at
once!” Since this was the queen who was calling her she didn’t hesitate to
When she came into the throne room the queen had already resumed her seat.
“What do you want mother,” she said pleasantly.
“Ah, yes, I am very proud of you for coming so promptly, now I will get
right to the point. I was thinking about hosting a Birthday Party for you, and
you can stay up as late as you wish, but I expect you not to stay up the whole
night. Well what do you think?”
“Well, mother, to be honest, I think it is a great idea.”
“Good, we will begin planning it right away, you are dismissed.”
Returning to her room, Elizabeth thought, My birthday party might give me a
chance to escape!

Pretty soon the planning was over, but the party had just begun. Elizabeth wore
a beautiful white ball gown that made her look like she was in a wedding dress.
There were all kinds of food to choose from, salad, nuts, fruits, vegetables,
and things to drink. Then there were the guests. Lots of them. This truly was
going to be a night to remember.
As Elizabeth came into the room she felt like fainting. So many young men. How
would she dance with them all? For they would all like to have a dance with the

Well it didn’t turn out to be as bad as that. When the big, beautiful,
grandfather clock chimed nine, Elizabeth decided that this would be her chance.
Her mother was talking, and everyone else was busy doing whatever, so she
decided to go for it.

She quietly slipped out of the ball room and dashed to her room. Then got a
couple of things in a saddle bag, such as: a brush, her jewels and some gold
coins, a mirror, a picture of her mother and father, and a book. As she slipped
on her coat she wondered if she was really doing the right thing, but she brushed
the idea off.

Then, after doing what she needed in her room, she dashed to the kitchen. It
was empty since the cooks had done what was required of them, they had gone to
bed. Working quickly she grabbed food and stuffed it in the other saddle bag, then
grabbed a jar full of water.

After doing what she needed in the kitchen, she slipped into the hall, and
dashed down to the door. Then, with her hand on the latch she took one last
look that had been her home for the last fourteen years, and slipped out into
the night.

She walked down through the garden to the stable and slipped in. She walked
down the aisle until she came to her horse’s stall. The mare nickered softly.
“Shhhhh, we will have to be quiet, Bunny, it is a good thing that your
coat is black. That blends into the night.” She quickly put a blanket,
then the saddle bags, finally the saddle itself.

She led Bunny out of the stable and into the night taking one last look at the
palace, she swiftly mounted. And then road off into the night.

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Chapter 1 of my book God’s Little Princess

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