Chapter 1 of Meet the Lord

              Chapter 1 Meeting Valeria
    Maylene put a fake grin on her face while looking in the mirror. She flopped her brown hair off of her face and neck. “May?! Are you ready to go?” Mom called from the living room.
    “Yep!” May shouted back, grabbing her purse. “May, Darling. You don’t need your purse at school. ” Mom said while May put on her shoes. “Mom. I need to look feminine. I’m the popular girl in my class you know.” May answered. Mom sighed. “Ok. Get in the car. “
     May waved bye to mom as mom drove away from the school building. “Hiya May.” May turned around. Her best friend MaryAnn greeted her. MaryAnn sighed. “May Morgan -“
  “Don’t say my full name.” May hissed.
 “Fine. May, why do you keep wearing jewelry and make up? God already made you beautiful as soon as you were born.”
   May squirmed. ” Let’s talk about this later OK? I don’t want anyone to hear…”  May walked with her best friend to the class – room. “Good morning class.” Teacher Brina said. “Good morning Mrs. Brina!” The class said. “We have a new classmate today….would you like to introduce yourself? ” The new girl blushed.
   “Hi. My name is Valeria. And… um ….. I moved from Pennsylvania. I and…. uh. Hi.” The class smiled from ear to ear and greeted Valeria.
  But May giggled quietly. “OK Valeria you may seat by May.” May giggles choked her. What?? She thought. The new girl is sitting by me? 
     May felt uncomfortable sitting by a new girl with braces. After Arithmetic, the bell rang and one kid shouted, “RECESS!!!” All the kids ran to the great outdoors. May grabbed MaryAnn aside. 
   “I know you’ll just try to make friends with the new kid but, don’t even think about letting her in my group. ” May firmly said. MaryAnn smiled and said.
   “May, God wants us to be friendly to everyone. Just because she has braces doesn’t mean she’s a weirdo.” MaryAnn jerked her hand free. “Come on.” She said. May closed her eyes and crossed her arms while walking away.
   MaryAnn’s smile melted. But she continued walking to the new girl. May still kept walking with her eyes closed…..then walked into Matt. Bonk!! May fell down, holding her head. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Matt turned around and looked down at May. “Oh sorry May. Ummm….what were you doing? ” Matt asked picking her up.
“Uh… nothing important.”
“Oh well, have you met Valeria? She’s awesome. ” Matt said. “I thought I was awesome. ” May hissed again.
“I didn’t say you weren’t. But do you know I talked with her and she said she’s rode in a plane!”
“Hasn’t everybody? Matt, you’ve rode in a plane before! Who cares?”
“Stop screaming! I have sensitive ears.”
Matt rolled his eyes. “You have sensitive everything. By the way, I don’t scream as loud as you do when a lizard falls on your head.” He walked away.
May’s mouth was so wide open, you could fit a basketball in there. Valeria is being popularity hog. She probably doesn’t even know! May had to stop this.
So how’d you guys like it? I still need more names, personally, etc for the characters. So please answer at least one of the following…
 1. Main character’s dog
 2. Younger sister of the main character
 3. Main character’s best friend’s dog
 4. School cafeteria person
 5. 1 bully
 6. 2 bully
 7. Main character’s Father
 8. Main character’s Mother
 9. Pastor
 10. Pastor’s wife
 11. Pastor’s oldest daughter
 12. Pastor’s eldest son
 13. Main character’s best friend’s brother
 14. Horse
 15. Later friends
 So if you can do that……. thanks! Oh and a special thanks to artlover43!!!! Just need a few more from other people! God bless!

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Chapter 1 of Meet the Lord

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