Cat in the bathtub

Cat in the Bathtub
One spring morning as Nancy the cat trudged into the house her owner a little girl Emily picked her up and said “You are very dirty let me give you a bath”.
 “Meow” Nancy cried, she hated water.
Then came the soap and lots of bubbles, by accident some soap got in Nancy’s eye “MEROW” Nancy shrieked before leaping out of the bathtub. “Wait” cried Emily “I didn’t mean to hurt you”, Emily said then starting to chase the cat, Nancy scampered up the stairs and ran down the hallway, dripping water down her tan fur then she realized that she was trapped in a corner. Then Emily finally caught up to Nancy and picked her up, Nancy squirmed in Emily’s arms as she took her back to the bathtub and started scrubbing her again, this time Emily was more careful. When  Emily was don she put Nancy on the ground and said “You were very dirty but now you are clean now let’s go and get your food”.
And remember be careful while giving your cat a shower.

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Cat in the bathtub

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