Bringing you to Jesus

 Hey guys this is another chapter of my story and I hope this chapter is better than last lol
Belle sat in the church listening to the pastor when he said these words ” in the bad times just trust god he will be with you ” little did she know but those words would mean a lot to her during the week. Later Mary walked home with Belle ” how was church ”  ” it was fine ” Belle replied ” although i didn’t understand some of the thing he said ” ” you’ll understand soon. If you keep coming that is ” they both laughed and talked all the way to their homes
Belle lay on her bed thinking about what the pastor had said she took out her favourite pen and diary and wrote:
dear diary
today i went to church with Mary it was great i like the peace and company there i think i’ll go again. Though Mom’s been looking sad lately i wonder what’s wrong. love Belle
As she put down her pen and went down the stairs for dinner she thought i really wonder what’s wrong 
Belle woke up at 6 am, combed her hair, and put on her favourite pink glitter blouse and went down the stairs for breakfast which was her favourite, pancakes. After she ate mom called her into the living room,. Mom began, ” Belle I have something to tell you I…I…
ok this is it I’ll try to post next week againsmiley

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Bringing you to Jesus

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