Bathsheba Part 1


Part 1

Background on David
and Bathsheba:  When Israel goes off to war;
King David decides to stay home instead of fighting with his men. While he
strolls on the roof of his palace one day, he spies a beautiful woman taking a
bath. David sends a servant to find out who the women is. “That is Bathsheba,
daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah.” the servant answers. Although he knew
Uriah to be a fellow and loyal warrior in his army, David sends for Bathsheba
and seduces her. Later, Bathsheba finds that she is pregnant with David’s child.


peeked around the corner once again.  A
gentle breeze ruffled her cloak, exposing the long brown hair that flowed to
her waist. Pulling the mantle tighter around her, she watched anxiously for the
servant she had sent to King David over an hour ago. What will I do when Uriah finds out about this?  She wondered. 
A worried line creased her forehead. 
She brushed away a small lock of hair that escaped from her headdress
and bit her lip.

she heard small feet lightly running on the stone pavement. Quickly, Bathsheba
pulled her cloak over her face and pressed her back against the cold stone wall
that served as her hideaway. The footsteps slowed down as they came nearer to
the wall. She held her breath. After a few tense seconds, Bathsheba felt a
small figure at her side. She let out a sigh as she recognized the stranger to
be her young servant, Sarah.

before any night travelers passed by, Bathsheba pulled Sarah further back into
the shadows. She turned to the young girl, who held out a small rolled up
parchment. “The king says to give it to you directly,” she whispered, obviously
proud that she had done the kings work. Bathsheba smiled gently before she
quietly unrolled the note. She strained her eyes and tried to read with the
soft glow of the moon as her only source of light.

does it say?” Sarah asked, bouncing on the balls of her toes. Bathsheba looked
at her doubtfully. While Sarah was one of her most trusted servants, she was
still but a child who had a very good gift of speaking to almost anyone about
anything. Bathsheba wasn’t sure this secret was one she could trust with such a
young girl. She rolled up the message and smiled kindly as she stroked the
small girl’s soft black hair.

                “I am
not certain as to what it says. The night is too dark for me to read it. Once
we get back to my home I will be able to study it more thoroughly. But,” she
held up a finger, “no questions. Understand?” Sarah’s eyes lost some of their enthusiasm
but she nodded obediently. “Come along. We’d better get home before morning,”
Bathsheba said, silently slipping the note into her satchel.

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Bathsheba Part 1

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