Are You There? Part 9

Hailey pulled into the driveway of her house. “Hm, I wonder who’s here,” She said to herself when she saw a strange car parked in front of the garage. She gasped and her hand flew to her mouth, her eyes wide. “Oh, no…!” She parked her car and ran to the front porch, where she bumped into Jake. “Jake! Oh, I’m so glad you’re OK!”
He seemed surprised. “Me? What about you? You were in a coma for two weeks. I almost thought they were gonna let you go and that you were going to die. But then I got that call from your mom and…”
Hailey gasped again. “Mom!” She ran inside the house. “Mom! I’m here! I’m OK! Mom!”
Mom was on the couch, crying. Jake stood awkwardly by the door while Hailey went over and gave her a big hug. “Oh, Hailey, I was so worried. Where were you?”
Hailey looked at her. “Didn’t you get my note…?” She glanced at the paper on the fireplace, explaining her self-destruct plans.
“Note?” Mom looked confused.
“Oh, never mind. I was…just…hanging out with a friend.” Hailey walked over, took the paper, crumpled it into a ball and tossed it into the trash can. “I’m sorry, I-“
“Hailey, that’s not why I’m crying,” Mom blew her nose and looked at her phone. “Jaime’s mom called and…and…”
Hailey froze. “Mom, you’re scaring me.”
Mom paused for a second. “Jaime’s parents called about a half hour ago. I tried to find you, but you weren’t here anywhere. I called Jake,” She gestured towards Jake, standing, not really sure what to do. Hailey noticed he had a cast on his arm and foot and he had a pair of crutches. “Anyways, I called him and he helped try to find you, and all of a sudden you showed up and-“
“Mother darling,” Hailey took a deep breath. “What did Jaime’s mom say?”
Mom wiped her eyes. “She’s dying, sweetheart.”
Hailey felt the blood drain from her face. She felt her body grow cold and she felt her knees buckle under her. She held on to the couch, and Jake helped her sit down. “What did you say?”
“She’s taking a turn for the worse. I told them as soon as I found you I would take you to see her before…before…” The rest of mom’s sentance was left to Hailey’s imagination.
“Then let’s go.” Hailey stood up and walked out the door, as if she wasn’t terrified for Jaime’s life. As if. On the outside, she had a set of armor. She looked determined, brave, courageous, tough, and fearless. But on the inside, she was scared and struggling. She was trying to trust in God, but it was very hard.
When they got to the hospital, Hailey ran to Jaime’s room. She remembered to knock and open the door slowly, and she nearly fainted.
She didn’t see Jaime on the bed. She saw a thin ghost of a once lively young girl, with thin, dull hair. Her mom sat hugging her little brothers, crying. Her dad sat in a chair, starring into space.
Hailey ran over to her. “Jaime?” She didn’t answer. “Jaime. Oh, Jaime. I love you, girl.” She looked over at Jaime’s mom. “What’s…happening?”
She shook her head. “She needs a bone marrow transplant in her legs. Her father and I gave blood samples to see if our blood types matched, but they don’t. Nobody else who’s tried is a match, either.”
“They haven’t tested me yet,” Hailey said. Although she hated needles and surgeries, she didn’t hesitate to try and save her best friend.
“Honey,” Mom put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t you think maybe you should wait? The docter said you should take it easy for about a week. You only woke up yesterday-“
“Mom, I need to save Jaime. She might not be able to wait a week. Soon she won’t even be strong enough for surgery, if it’s a match.” Hailey held Jaime’s delicate hand. God, please! Please!
“Oh, alright. I’ll talk to a nurse as soon as I find one.” Mom looked a bit reluctant.
As soon as they could talk to Jaime’s nurse about Hailey being a bone marrow donor, the nurse asked Hailey how old she was.
“I’m 16, and I’ll turn 17 in…two months.” Two months? Wow, I didn’t realize it was that soon.
The nurse shook her head. “I’m sorry, dear. You can only be a donor if you’re 18 and older.”
Hailey felt a sinking feeling almost swallow her whole. She nodded and walked back to where Jaime lay motionless and stroked her hair. “Jaime, what would I do without you?” Trying to imagine life without her best friend made Hailey so depressed she couldn’t even think. She held Jaime’s small hand and wiped tears off her face with her fingers. “God, please. I know you can do anything. Please save Jaime. Please.”
OK, OK, I owe an apology. My summer has been a LOT busier than normal! Camp, campmeeting, vacations, finding jobs, whew! And now I’m getting ready for another school year and getting braces readjusted and…ugh. Not-so-fun stuff. 🙁
And I need to apologize for this terrible chapter. I could have done so much better! I litterally just scribbled it out in a matter of 30 minutes. And Mp137 and LEMONwizard, I am so so sooo sorry for not doing the prize thing. I PROMISE I will do that next chapter.
I feel like I’m apologizing a lot. XD
The reason this chapter sucks is because it should have been twice as long, but I feel super super bad about making you guys wait a long time for it, so I posted it early. Next chapter will be better, I PROMISE.
And lastly, please pray for me. I’ve just been feeling really down lately. My friend’s boyfriend commited suicide a few weeks ago and she’s doing terrible. My other friend is…not good I’ll say that much.
Why am I telling you this I don’t even know any of you people…
But I don’t care.
Wow this chapter AND this author’s note is depressing.
Sorry again.
P.S. Some of you noticed I didn’t capitalize satan. That was on purpose. satan never deserves to be capitalized. So yeah….
And btw you won’t have to wait as long for next chapter, I promise.

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Are You There? Part 9

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