Allergy Miracle

Hi, my name is Sabrina. I have a severe allergy to cotton (crazy right?!)My allergy is SUPER SEVERE!!! It reacts when someone is wearing the material about a metre away. It was so serious that mom decided to homeschool me. No one in my house could wear cotton around me. But one day…

        My sister Abby came home from school with her friend Brynn. I looked up to say “hi” but then I realized that she was still wearing her “for school only” cotton sweater. She caught me staring at her and looked down to realize that her cotton sweater was still on. In a hurry, she yanked it off. She was going to throw it into the living room but she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing and threw it at ME!! Instantly, I started swelling up so bad I could hardly breathe. The last thing I remembered was Abby screaming, “MOM!!!”… Before I passed out.
        When I opened my eyes(which I could barely do ’cause my eyelids were so swollen up and were hurting) I saw myself in a hospital bed with mom and Abby by my side. I looked down and saw a tube going into my mouth to give me air. Abby was crying so hard that her face was red. She also kept saying,”Oh little sis, I’m so sorry!” I tried to say,”it’s okay. I forgive you,” but all I could say was,”Mamophayiorgiboo.” My body hurt so much, I wanted to scream. I heard mom’s voice by my bed,”God saved you Sabrina. With what happened you could’ve died.” I thought about what mom said. My face swells up when somebody wears cotton a metre away. I could’ve stopped breathing cause my face swelled so much. ” Thank you, God for not letting me die.”
        Just then the doctor came in and asked to speak to mom. I have very good hearing so I listened to their conversation,” Your daughter is in a life or death situation. Her swelling is at a dangerous level. If she does survive then she has a high chance of keeping all this swelled up fat. It will not hurt but it will be uncomfortable to carry all the extra weight. She also will not be able to breath on her own or walk.”
    I sighed. Anger boiled up inside of me for Abby. If I could talk I would’ve so said,” thanks a lot for ruining my life!” But instead I prayed a silent prayer to God,”Lord, I do not like this. Please take it away from me. I have faith in you Lord.”
    I spent several weeks in the hospital. I was poked with needles and given all sorts of yucky medicine. Mom, Dad, and Abby came to visit me daily. They talked about pleasant things like God to me and always prayed with me. I never gave up hope that I would be released from the hospital one day. I know it sounds kinda silly that I was in the hospital for that long. But I was. I knew God had a purpose for me… and he did.
  The next morning I was eating breakfast. Thankfully, I could talk and wasn’t swelled up anymore. I wanted to go home but the doctor wouldn’t let me for some reason. Just then, a woman came in. “Docta! Docta! Me girlie… She dona it againa” I was so confused that I forgot it wasn’t my conversation to be in.
   “Excuse me?” The woman looked at me. She probably figured I was a curious girl that hated being left out of a convo.
      “Um…well… She has asthma…no, severe asthma. Sometimes I think she should just live in the hospital because she’s here so much.”
      The doctor looked at me.”So, Sabrina do you want some company?”
Part 2 Coming Soon!!!

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Allergy Miracle

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