Allegory Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Bang, bang, bang.” Kyle looked
up from his work when he heard a knock. As he got up to answer the door, the
unknown visitor knocked again. “Bang, bang, bang.” Disgruntled, Kyle mumbled to
himself, “Seriously, can’t a person wait?” He swung the door open.  A man dressed in shining armor stood there in
front of him.

“Peace be unto you,” the knight

“Uh, same to you?” Kyle replied.
He wasn’t used to this kind of talk.

“I have good tidings from the
King,” the knight stated.

“What is it that you have to
say? And who is this King?” Kyle inquired.

“Well,” replied the man, “I’ll
start with your second question. The king is a loving man who lives far beyond
the horizon. He wants you to live with Him. That is part of the good news. The
other part is that you can get to Him. Unfortunately, there is a dragon named
Sirpient who wants to stop you from getting there. He desires to annihilate all
of us.”

Kyle gazed at him in shock, and
then answered, “How do I get to this King? Are you sure He wants me?”

The knight smiled and said, “Of
course he wants you to live with Him! The first step in getting to know this
king is to repent and be baptized.”

“How do I repent?” asked Kyle,
“And where do I get baptized?”

Then the knight explained to him
what repentance was and where to get baptized. As soon as he had finished, Kyle
said, “Thank you good sir for coming this day. I will follow what you have told
me. By the way, what is your name?”

The knight smiled and replied,
“Please forgive me. My name is Daniel and I am a knight of the King. And may I
know you name?”

Kyle grinned and said, “Forgive
me as well. My name is Kyle.”

Daniel smiled and said, “Well,
I’d best be on my way, and so should you. May the good King watch over you!” he
cried out as he walked further down the dusty path, presumably to spread the
good news.

Kyle shouted back, “May the same
befall you! Godspeed.” Kyle watched as Daniel the knight disappeared down the
trail. Then he walked outside and turned toward the River Pellucid. He had
something to do.

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Allegory Chapter 1

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