Are you the kind of guy that doesn’t know what to do from Friday night to Saturday night sundown?
Then is the place for YOU!
Guess what?
Rest-1,001 years OLD!!!
We have chats in Friday sundown and another in Sabbath sundown!*
The best part is…
We have our OWN MAGAZINE!!!
Go to your local Seventh-Day Adventist Church to find them!
Not interested in magazines?
We released books like Trouble on the Blue Planet: about the Great Controversy and OTHERS!
Lets talk to valued customers!* 
         I love it! I used to be Catholic, but when my friend showed me Guide Magazine: IT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!
               Donald Kendrick Smith, age 29
          5-Stars. That’s all.
               Brittany Reyes, age 13
          Guide has outdone themselves for the past 60 years, from Junior Guide to all of the world. The best Christian Magazine of the generation!
               Gabriel Montalvo, age 51
Do you want to read Guide?

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