Adventist Boot Camp Part 4 (Last part)

The sirens get louder and louder. I hear the man getting up and walking outside. Finally the sirens stop and i hear a door slam. The police are here to save me! I quickly get up and try to peek out of the crack in the boarded up window. Yes! I saw a police officer getting out of the car. I slide down to the floor and lay there. I was so happy but too tired and hungry to celebrate. Seconds later I started dreaming about home……
When I woke up, I was in a hospital. I jerked upright and felt pain in my stomach. I groaned and layed back down.
“She’s awake!” i heard my mother’s voice. I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I saw my mother standing up looking at me crying. “Hi mom.” I say. My stomach hurts again. “Why does my stomach hurt so much?” I ask. “It’s because they injected a shot in there to provide vitamins. You haven’t eaten in a week!” She says. “You have been dozed off for a long while. I almost thought you were dead.” She says and starts crying. “Where’s Jonathan?” I ask. “He’s at home with dad.” Mom replies. “Come on. Let’s see if your ready to go home.” 
I slowly get up and walk to the lobby with mom. The doctors said I could leave, but to lay low for a few weeks. 
“Mom just called! She’s comin home!” I yell happily. “Thank God! I was so worried.” Dad said. I was so grateful of what I’ve done. We were incredibly blessed to be able to run away so quickly. The doorbell rang. I dashed for the door. She was there, she looked miserable, but healthy at the same time. I gave her a HUGE hug. “Told you we would leave!” I say and she rolled her eyes. God is so good.
THE END! Working on a Holocaust story soon! 🙂

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Adventist Boot Camp Part 4 (Last part)

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