Adventist Boot Camp Part 2

Before the man leaves, he says “You will start this routine tomorrow.” Then he shuts the door. Jonathon and I stare at eachother. “Is this even real?” I ask him. He shrugs. Minutes pass. Finally he talks. “Do you still have your phone? I dropped mine when they grabbed me.” He askes. I check my pocket. “I have it!” I quickly try to dial 911 but it says no cell service. “You have got to be kidding me.” I say kicking the room’s wall. “Calm down Kenny. We still have a chance to get away.” Jonathan says. “No, we don’t! Did you NOT hear what the creepy guy said. We’ll work, work, work, and lead other people here so THEY can also work. It’s over. This is out destiny! To get kidnapped and work!” I say angrily. “WE CAN GET AWAY! Trust me Kenny. No not me, trust God! You’re acting like you’ve never been inside a church before. BELIEVE and we’ll get out of here…together.” Jonathan said. “You’re living on another planet. Snap into reality. We’re trapped in the place which is guarded by a bunch of ARMED men. Take a chance, but I’M giving up.” I say. “Believe whatever Kenny, but we like just arrived here. Atleast give your brain a chance.” I finally give up agruing. I’m tired, it was almost afternoon. I should be in school by now. Surely, they called my parents because of my absence. But I know that the men hid us well. It could take weeks, months, years even. No! I can’t think this way. God will help us. But he should’ve already. I fall asleep before I could finish thinking my sentence.
It was late when I woke up. I checked my watch. 2:47am it read. I yawned, suddenly feeling the urge to use the restroom. I slowly get up and open the door. I hear a TV that was on, and a dim light was on, but that was it. I guess I could ask the guy where the restroom was, risk getting shot, OR I coulf just find it on my own. I choose to find it on my own. I first go to the room across from me. It was locked. This continued. Practically every door was locked. Then I saw a shadow. I hadn’t realized that the TV had turned off. I turn around to find the man behind me. I scream. “Shh…” He cups his hand on my mouth. “What are you doing?” He askes. He uncovers my mouth. “Bathroom.” I say briefly. “Sure you were. Go to the room on the far right. If you go anywhere else, your little brother is gone.” He says. Suddenly I feel cold. Alone. Scared. I quickly run to where the bathroom was, use it, then I run back to the room we were in. Terrified, I slip under the covers and I start to cry. Eventually Jonathan wakes up, full of curiosity. But I tell him to leave me alone. I regret saying that. We needed to stick together more than anything. Not stay independent. I sigh and try to go back to sleep. I finally actually slept at around 4:00am. When I wake up, I see that Jonathan is gone. I get up suddenly alert. They took him. I think. I brace myself ready to attack. If they wanted to mess with my little brother, they had to get through ME first.

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Adventist Boot Camp Part 2

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