Hi! This is my first time writing on Guide! I hope you like it!

This story is about a non-Christian girl becoming a Christian. I took inspiration from a story I heard from Amazing Facts! If you guys want a character list, please ask me in the comments! Anywho, let’s get into the story!

Chapter 1: Just a normal day

I wake up to my phone buzzing loudly. I groan. I mean, can you blame me? Would any sane person get up at 5:00 in the morning on a daily basis? And before you ask, I have anxiety and depression. I think that counts as mentally unstable.

I walk over to my desk, where my outfit should have been laid out of the chair for me. But it wasn’t there. UGH! I kept forgetting stuff. I hate when I do that, it just shows how much o f a horrible person I am. Now I’ll have to pick out an outfit, cutting in to my other many things I have to get done before school.

Luckily, I didn’t have a difficult time picking out clothing. I found some palazzo pants and a silky white shirt. I pulled my black hair through a brush, and then washed my face. My makeup was simple. A bit of concealer and blush so I don’t look like a old grandma, and dark red lipstick to match the tips of my hair that are dyed red.

I run downstairs to make myself breakfast. My parents are still asleep. Mom works at a hospital, and Dad’s a lawyer, so my house is on the nicer side. The newest gadget they got was this contraption that I saw in a hotel once. You just wave your hand at it, and it creates a whole pancake for you. I wave my hand three times. I also quickly scramble some eggs.

I down breakfast quickly, because I still need to fill my water bottle. My sister got it for me for my birthday. It’s a lavenders colored Vera Bradley bottle, with plant patterns and stuff decorating it.

I hear the bus pulling up to the curbside, and it gives me my cue. I walk outside, turn on my car, and drive by the bus stop slowly. I stop just long enough to make a sign to a girl I despise: Holly Mauro. Her parents are super rich, and we like the same guy. We’re frenemies.

I finally get to school, park, and walk in through the front doors. My best friend in the whole world, Sophia, is there waiting for me. Her hair is tie-dyed with red, black, and white. She has a white long-sleeved crop top with front cut out, black ripped jeans, and black heeled boots with spray pain art on it.

I run up and hug Sophia, and then point to her shirt. “You are soo going to get dress coded for that.”

“I don’t care if they dress code me,”Sophia laughs and flips her hair over her shoulder. “I’m dressing how I want to, when I want to, and where I want to. They can’t control me!”

I roll my eyes, and we start down the hallways towards the Junior section of high school. We get tons of stares as we glide down the hallway. Some are approving, others aren’t so nice. Sophia brushes them off, because that’s just her personality. She’s overconfident, enough for the both of us. Me on the other hand, I’m definitely not confident, but I act.

We arrive in Mrs. Biola’s classroom a few minutes before the bell rings. She stares at us, zeroing in on Sophia, but doesn’t say anything. Wise of her not to, because Sophia loves to argue.

At lunch, we locate out other friends outside, Mia and Isabella. Mia is Korean and proud. In fact, she looks like she could easily become a K-pop artist. She has on a peach colored skirt and a black polo. Her shoes are platform sneakers. Isabella, in the other hand, is a crazy Latina, and the most fashion frenzied out of all of us. Seriously, her dream is to win Miss America, or become a model. None of us bring it up, but she has an extremely curvy body. She has a hot pink skirt on with a white top and black jacket. Her shoes are lime green pumps.

“Hola, Emo Duo!”Mia calls out to us.

“You should talk, Miss I’m-to-good-for-us,”Sophia calls back. I double over in laugher, and we slap hands. Mia rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, shaking her head. Isa puts her hands on her huge hips.

“Took you guys long enough,”Isabella scoffs when we reach the small hill Mia chose.

“We we’re hungry too!”I roll my eyes.

“Anyways, I have tea,”Isabella flips her hair behind her back.

“Who now?”I ask. Isa is always getting in relationships for one sole purpose: popularity. She loved to party, and party’s are always where she gets her boyfriends.

“Will Amos,”Isabella tells us. “He looks cute.”

“When will he be gone?”Sophia asks. Another thing about Isabella:she goes through boys like I go through a pack of candy:fast.

“By then end of this week, obviously. Miranda’s party is Saturday night, and I don’t wanna miss it. And people are coming from the super rich private school.”

“Lucky you,”Mia groaned.

“I have to be with this one all weekend,”Sophia rustles my head. I laugh.

I pull up into the driving lot of out home. School finally let out for the day, and I made a dash for home. Sophia’s family would join ours later for dinner and to hang. Her family was moving to a new house across the street.

I quickly ran inside, up to my room, and opened the room to my parents door. No one was here. I was alone.

I walk back to my room and close the door. Digging under my bed, I find my pack of vapes. I use it to relax from the school day, and whatever drama happened that day. Like in 6th period, after ISA told us about her new boyfriend, I saw them getting comfortable in the back of the classsrom. Weirdos.

I’d never to that, I think to myself. But I’m not so sure. Everyone around me is, but why am I not? I mean, Sophia doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she doesn’t care. I doubt that Mia does, but she keeps secrets a lot. I know because her name has come up in some conversations I’ve had with people, and she isn’t the perfect person she’s trying to make herself seem to me.

Am I overthinking everything? I shake my head. I can’t think like that, I tell myself, just enjoy the relaxation. I sigh, climb into bed, and continue using the vape until my mom gets home,

Dinner is fun once Sophia’s family joins us. We have spaghetti with a special garlic sauce, and cheesy pull apart bread. Between bites of dinner, we talk about the most recent news. Suddenly, our phones vibrate. An Amber alert.

“Another child missing!”Sophia’s Mom, Mrs.Anderson, exclaims. “The April county police have been slacking off lately. I swear I’m getting an amber alert every other day!”

Sophia and I exchange a look. Living in April county is nice and all, but a lot of kids here are, let’s say, restless, if not dangerous. If you live in the normal side of the suburbs, you most likely have horrible parents, or your just tired. The police are working a lot nowadays, trying to find the missing kids.

“Solone, breathe,”My mom reaches out for Mrs.Adersons hand. She takes it.

That night I think about going missing. Maybe if would fulfill the emptiness in my heart. I shouldn’t have a hole in my heart, I have Sophia, Mia, Isabelle, my family. I have everything I could possibly imagine, yet the emptiness is still there. I wish to myself as I doze of to sleep, that I can meet someone that will close up the empty hole.

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