A Reason to Love

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting in the Talent Showcase. 🙂 This is technically Ch. 2, but I can’t seem to find Ch. 1, so what happened in Chapter 1 is…Tiffany finds out that she gets to go to Cattle Creek Ranch (A summer camp). She has 2 best friends..Ty and Stacey. Anyway…here is the “first” chapter!! I hope you guys like it! I’m not finished yet..hehe, but I have 6 chapters done. Please tell me what you think! And if you want me to keep posting! Here goes! (Sorry it’s so big! I couldn’t figure out how to do this..lol) Oh! And the story gets pretty good once she gets to camp…haha (At least I think so.) Enjoy!


Beverly ran to the barn where Tiffany was calling. “What’s wron- Oh no! Call a vet! Hurry!” Tiffany ran to the barn phone which they only used for emergency calls for the animals. “Hello?” Said the kind gentle voice over the phone. “Hi, I’m Tiffany from 2324 N Hetley Rd. My horse, Prancer, is sick. We need a vet quick.” Tiffany said anxiously to the person on the other line. “Ok. Dr. Brian Stevens and his assistant, Mark, will be there shortly.” “Ok. Thank you.” Tiffany hung up and told her mom who was coming. “Ok.”

After a short while, a white truck with a trailer on the back, pulled up. “That must be the vet.” “Hello, I’m Dr. Brian Stevens and here is my trusty assistant, Mark.” “Hello. Thank you for coming. The barn is this way.” Beverly lead Dr. Brian to the barn while Mark followed as he walked with Tiffany. “You’re worried about your horse, aren’t you?” He asked. Tiffany wanted to shout Well of course I’m worried! I care about Prancer you know! But, she calmly answered “Yeah, I sure hope he’s ok.” “I’m sure he will be.” Mark said. “You can trust us to take very good care of him.” Mark acted like he was a businessman which worried her. She liked him and all but he sounded more like a salesclerk than a vet’s assistant. She wished it was Dr. Sam’s day to work. He cared so much about the animals and would do almost anything for her horse to get better.

Tiffany waited outside the barn as Dr. Brian talked to her mom. She wasn’t worried anymore. She’d heard Dr. Brian say it was only food poisoning and It didn’t have much time to get through her whole body. She also heard him say what a bright young lady she was. By accident of course.

Mark leaned up against the spotless white truck. Tiffany wasn’t surprised. He acted like he barely even cared about her horse. She jotted down a note-to-self in her head. Never let Dr. Brian bring Mark again. Dr. Brian came out of the barn shaking Beverly’s hand. ” Thanks for helping.” She said. ” My pleasure. Have a nice day.” And with that Dr. Brian and Mark got into the truck and sped away. “Just food poisoning.” Beverly said. “Well, that’s good. So she should be better soon?” Tiffany asked, just to make sure. “Yup! In about a week or so.”

Tiffany said goodbye to Prancer and told her mom that she was going to the mall with Stacey. “Alright, be careful.” Beverly said to Tiffany as Stacey pulled into the driveway. “Hey Stace! Ready to go shopping?” Tiffany asked excitedly as she hopped into the car. “Uh, is that a trick question?!? Of course I’m ready.” They laughed together as they pulled out. “So, what kinda stuff do ya wanna get?” Tiffany asked. “Oh I don’t know. Maybe a new outfit and some shoes. What about you?” Stacey answered. “Hmm. I might get some books in the bookstore area and maybe a snack.” Stacey laughed at Tiffany. “Why is it that, every time we go to the mall you want books and snacks but every time we’re at the bookstore or the grocery store you complain about your clothes? You’re so funny, Tiffany.” Tiffany giggled as she listened to Stacey’s mini speech.


They pulled up to the mall just as Tiffany saw something suspicious. “Hey Stace? Isn’t that Matthew?” Stacey looked out the window. “Yeah, It sure looks like him. What do you think he’s doing in there!?” “I don’t know but he’s up to no good.” Tiffany said. They watched Matthew, a guy who always got into trouble at school, get into his car, blast his music, and speed out of the parking lot. Tiffany sighed. “You don’t think he was the one who vandalized Halls Hill, do you?”

Recently there were a few kids their age who had spray paint and baseball bats. That’s all that people could tell from the hidden cameras. “I don’t know.” Stacey answered. “He has been acting weird ever since it happened. But if he did, why would he go back to Halls Hill and leave paint there?” Tiffany had no clue why Matthew had just dropped off paint in the alley by Halls Hill but she did know one thing. If Matthew did vandalize Halls Hill dropping off paint in broad daylight would make him look like a suspect, whether he did do it or didn’t do it.

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A Reason to Love

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