A poem my dad made up

A Piddly Little Poem

I ponder a puddle of piddle
provided by puny puppy
and wonder what worries
yon Yorkie, I’m curious
why in the yard she won’t wee.

Maybe mad monsters, malicious
lurk longingly, licking their lips.
Or falcons ferocious
swoop suddenly, searching
To feast upon Fido (with chips.)

Regardless the reason
it’s treacherous treason
to pee where pedestrians ped.
One dark night, no doubt
when I let the dogs out
I will slip and slice open my head.


This poem is about Ginger, a Yorkshire Terrier. She is the cutest dog ever, except that she piddles…

Disclaimer: This poem was made by my dad, not me. I got permission to post it.

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A poem my dad made up

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