A New Type Of Love Chapter 5

Hello all! Here is my next chapter of the series. I wrote most of this a couple weeks ago but never got around to posting it. I’m not sure how I should end the series, thoughts are appreciated!

A New Type of Love

Chapter 5

Amaria nervously made her way over to Ricardo. She was so consumed in thinking about what he might want that she nearly slipped in her fancy church sandals as she walked over to him.

“H-h-hi Ricardo” she stammered, already feeling her cheeks burning.

“Hey Ria,” Ricardo said in a chill but serious tone.

“I wanted to know if you want to join a bible study group that me and some of the gang have…We have it on Friday nights usually”

Amaria thought about it for a couple seconds and agreed. She wasn’t sure she was interested, but, well, at least she’d be spending time with her new friends.It wasn’t quite the question she was expecting, but as they say, life is full of surprises. Maybe this would turn out to be a great one.


That week went by quickly for Ria, and she eventually found herself looking forward to bible study. After school on Friday she picked out a cute outfit with matching shoes. Aunt Imelda dropped the kids off in the church parking lot. Amaria, Justin, and Cadria headed to bible study.

When they arrived in the church, the trio was welcomed into a small room with a round table and a few chairs. Doing a quick look around, Amaria saw a few of her friends. Ricardo, Ava-Jae, Cedric, Shavon, his younger sister Brianna and the Ellis twins. As they sat, pastor walked into the room.

“Good evening everyone!” Pastor M greeted. Everyone cheerfully responded. “Welcome to bible study!. It’s good to have you back after our long vacation!” The group giggled. Bible study hadn’t been in session since Summer break, now it was nearly Winter break.

“We’ll start by having a quick snack, then song service”

The group enjoyed a yummy snack of chips and salsa with juice. After that, they sang a few songs. Amaria didn’t know many of them, but she did her best to sing along. After that, Pastor M stood up to make an announcement.

“Today, we’ll be having a discussion called A New Type of Love— It includes the testimony of a man named Jethro, and how he truly found happiness through pain. But before we start…”

Pastor stopped as he looked around at the teens. Setting his eyes on Amaria, he called her name and asked her to pray. Amaria blushed, she wasn’t sure she knew how to pray.But she tried.

“Um… Thank you God for church, please help us to learn something new… a-and… love each other… and enjoy our time… amen”

As she finished, everyone chorused a hearty amen.

Pastor M continued speaking. I have a special guest tonight. “Mr. Jonnes, Please come in”

A tall, built middle aged man walked in.

“Hello. My name is Jethro Jonnes….Tonight”, he said with a little twinkle in his eyes. “I’ll be telling you of the first Jethro Jonnes. My great great grandfather. Jethro Jourdon Jonnes. He was a born a slave in 1809. I heard this story from my father when I was just a boy, and my father heard it from his when he was a boy. It’s been passed down from generation and touched many… I hope it touches each one of  you.”

Amaria listened closely as Mr. Jethro began the story.
How could true happiness be found in the midst of pain?

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A New Type Of Love Chapter 5

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