A New Type Of Love- Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“A New Type Of Love”

Hey everyone! Here is chapter four of my book series. I’ve been pretty busy with school but I’ll try to post a new chapter every two weeks. Feedback is appreciated! If you see anything wrong or have suggestions please tell me! I’m just starting with writing stories. Thanks! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Amaria couldn’t believe what had happened on her first day of school. It was going so well- then boom. 

I guess you could say she “slipped” up. But throughout the week, she didn’t let it bother her. She tried her best to focus, make friends and do well. She seemed to really bond with three of her class mates, Ricardo, Shavon and Saige. All seemed to be going pretty well at school. And before  she knew it, it was Friday. She was in love with everything about her new school. The kids were nice, the teachers were patient, and she was learning about a topic that really interested her. God. It was something she had always been confused yet curious about. Did God make the world and just…leave it? Was it supposed fail at being a good place? Would life go on forever in an endless cycle? Little by little  Amaria understood what was going on. She still was confused about how God was so loving- after all, He had let her parents get murdered. Hadn’t He? If He loved her why would it happen?
The frustrating thoughts often kept Ria awake at night. Whatever could life mean? She just couldn’t understand.

The Next Day….

Amaria woke up on Saturday morning to the smell of pancakes and scrambled eggs. Gospel music was playing and Auntie Mellie softly sang along in the next room. As Ria walked into the kitchen, she greeted her aunt. “Morning sweet girl Ria” Auntie Mellie smiled.

“I made your favorite, but I’m not finished. Would you like to get ready for church until it’s ready? Justin already left for church this morning with Elder Paulo and Talia went with him to open up the church and get ready for service, so it’s just you and Cadria coming with me”

Aunt Mellie continued to speak, but Amaria barely listened after she mentioned church. “Church? Again? I thought it was a once in a while visit… this is interesting” It didn’t surprised Ria that they were going to church, it surprised her that they would be going every week. She had gone twice a year at max. And on Sunday. But oh well…

Time for new beginnings.

That Sabbath was an interesting one. Pastor Johnson preached about forgiveness.

Amaria had already decided in her heart that she would never forgive the man who killed her parents. Ted Cliffordson. What an evil, evil man. And for her to give him another chance?

Never. He had the chance to think about what he did, but he chose to do it. Why should I forgive?”

Ria soon found herself wiping away hot tears as she remembered her parents.Quickly  she placed her head in her lap and pretended to sleep for the rest of the service.

After it was over, she headed over to greet her friends. They all were in good spirits, especially Ricardo. For the first time, he walked over to her and gave her a quick hug.”Hey, Amaria, can I talk to you for a second?” He nervously looked at her.
“Sure” she quickly responded. Amaria couldn’t believe her ears. But what happened next was even more unbelievable……

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A New Type Of Love- Chapter 4

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